Friday, December 07, 2007

Things I Can't Live Without (Apparently)

I stayed at home sick from work today. The kidney stone has actually let up quite a bit, but the side effects of the Percoset kept me sidelined and miserable all day.

So what do you do when you are too sick to really do anything? And the only position that is comfortable is laying on your right side without a pillow for your head?

No, really, what do you do?

Thankfully I had new Netflix to watch, so that kept me partially entertained for 6 hours. And then I started wooting. Wooting? Yes, wooting. Wooting is now my new favorite and most addictive hobby. Basically it works like this, on the site there is one product for sale at a time. It's usually something of a techie or electronic nature. And they sell it for a ridiculously low price. How low? REALLY low. For instance, earlier this week I found this little gem on woot for a mere $39 plus $5 shipping. I quickly went to Amazon and found it on sale there for $129. Obviously, woot was a good deal. So I bought it. Of course, the part where I didn't have a compatible mp3 player was irrelevant. At the time I was thinking eBay or a gift for someone else.

So today while stuck here on the couch, on my side, with my laptop tilted to the side, I spent several hours today watching cool stuff go by on Woot. Woot only has a set number of items they are going to sell. (For instance, only 100 robots, selling at $5 each.) So sometimes things go by FAST! I tried to buy several different things today- mostly gifts. And then fate came home to me, and I saw THIS and didn't even wait to check it against Amazon. Even tech-deficient Erin knows that a video and mp3 player for $49 is a good price. And now it is MINE! (Insert evil laugh here.)

Yes, wooting was a big part of the day. But credit must be given to my DVR player (I call him George) (the kidney stone's name is Horatio) (it's fun to yell 'Muerte Horatio!' when it really hurts) for keeping me from going too stir-crazy today. How did we ever survive without DVR/TiVo's? I've been watching lots of Project Runway and Gossip Girl today. I now feel that my wardrobe is inadequate.

I just heard that we may get 10-16 inches of wet snow down here tomorrow. This is not good. My house is short on good food that I can handle eating. And I'm already going stir-crazy. I hate being sick.

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