Friday, December 14, 2007

Me and My Woot

I joined the rest of the world today with the arrival of my first woot. It's a Samsung Media Player, with lots of gadgets and things I don't think I'll ever use. But so far, I love it. I've put a few hundred pictures and nearly 1,000 songs on it. And rumor has it I can put driving directions on it somehow. Maybe someday I'll find a 10 yr old who can show me how to do all of that.

Yes, I know I look awful in the picture. But let's see you do any better after a week (and still going) of being on bed rest with massive kidney pain. But isn't my woot cute?


  1. I think YOU'RE cute. (In other words, I like that picture.)

  2. Very nice. (The Woot, not Horatio).

  3. Very cool! It reminds me that I need to update my ipod...I know there are cool stuff I can put on mine, too-but no 10 year old lives near me!



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