Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just made my whole day

Me: What day works better for you to attend my farewell lunch? Friday or Monday?

Office Cabana Boy: Well, if waiting till Monday means we keep you one more day, I vote for Monday.

Gotta love that kid. I wish more 19 yr old boys were that good.

Coolest unPolitical Mitt Romney Story I Have Ever Heard

In my blog surfing and internet readings I came across this story today. This story is the bottom line absolute one and only reason I am voting for Mitt Romney. (I am so glad I'm still registered in VA where my vote will make a difference.)

This story embodies everything I want in a good man.

If you need a little bit more enticement- it is a personal blog from November written by a man who's home suffered fire damage during the Santa Ana's. Many church members came out to help, including one man who said that he and his dad were going to come help with a tree stump. The dad turned out to be the one and only Mitt Romney, right in the middle of campaign season, without any press to be seen.

Why do I want to see Mitt Romney as the President? Because this is the kind of thing he does. He has that great leader, hard worker, good man quality about him that you can't find just anywhere. The men who willing get up and go help a stranger dig up a 20 year old root from a tree burned in a fire, in exchange for absolutely nothing, are the good ones out there. They don't live for the glory, the power, or the prestige. They live to do the right thing. And that for me is what Mitt Romney has that no one else has. McCain? In it for the power. Huckabee? Just to see if anyone would listen to him? Clinton? Power, money, and prestige. Obama? Maybe to do the right thing. At least, I'd like to believe that about him. But can you really say that about anyone else? That you honestly believe that they have an honest and true desire to do the right thing?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Florida Predictions

Even though I haven't even remotely been right in my Presidential Primary Predictions so far, I can't stop myself from making more.

So my predictions for Florida on Tuesday are-
Mitt with about 30%, McCain around 25%, Giuliani around 15% and Huck about 12%
True, I'm ripping my predictions right out of Real Clear Politics. All my numbers are based on the current polls and activity. I'm enjoying watching Giuliani's Florida strategy tank. And seeing McCain suffer after making false harsh accusations on Romney. It's really fun to watch the polls go up and down. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Hilary with 50%, Obama at 30%, Edwards will be lucky to get 10%.

No one will drop out this week because it is too close to Super Tuesday. After Florida I will have a lot of studying to do before I can make my Super Tuesday predictions.

Anyone want to share their predictions and why?

Rolling, Rolling, Keep Them Doggies Rolling

I'm exhausted. In addition to the kidney/liver situation, I've got a massive sinus infection. (Apparently I couldn't feel it building up thanks to the Lortab.) And I'm willing to bed that my so-called head cold has turned into bronchitis. The coughing and breathing are that bad. But lack of oxygen or not, I have to pack and move.
Have I mentioned how much I hate packing and moving?
I still don't have a place to live. But I still have 4 more days to find something, right? That's not impossible...

Yesterday went something like this-
wake up, eat a small cup of yogurt, take army of pills, lay down on couch waiting for drugs to kick in
get up and go to bank and wal-mart. (because it ain't a saturday in springville without a trip to the walmart.)
come home and attempt to sleep for a few hours, but discover it just isn't possible through the coughing
pack dishes and dvd's
lie on couch wishing i could sleep through my coughing and sniffling for an hour
move laundry loads around
lie on bed wishing i could sleep through coughing and sniffling
watch a movie, since i can't do anything anyway
feel guilty and get up and shove stuff into my car and call it packing
notice that i can turn the oven self-clean thing on and pretend that is working too
realize that the self cleaning oven is heating up the entire first level so high that i have to open windows and doors
start coughing from the cold dry air coming inside
give up and lay back down
put in another load of laundry, throw clean clothes in massive pile on floor
start coughing again
lay back down with laptop, talk to friends for a while, justify not working because i have a few more days to pack anyway
drink some hot tea to soothe coughing and throat
grab an older bottle of tramadol, take a pill i know isn't tramadol, but feel certain its Lortab (over christmas i combined pills into one bottle)
discover pill was percocet and begin hallucinating, must go lay down in bed and pray i can sleep finally
realize there are 2 clean loads of laundry on bed (somehow they jumped from the floor to the bed when i wasn't looking, not unlike my mother's dogs)
have no desire to lift heavy load and start coughing again, so slip in under the clothes and sleep for 3 blessed hours before the coughing kicks in.
wake up, do more drugs, repeat cycle

Friday, January 25, 2008

Only proving my own point

No sooner did I post my last entry then I got this gem of an email from a 23 year old male who claims to be in school in Utah, that totally proves my point about the lack of normal men who know how to spell.

you know, it would have so strange if i don't take a moment to tell you that you are truely the very tengible proof of a divine creature, love your smile too because there's something warm and beautiful about you when you smile. so wat do u do in life and for fun"

That is approximately 40 words, of which 4 are misspelled, several are used grammatically incorrectly, and the punctuation leaves everything to be desired.

This is just one of the many reasons why I am still single and no regrets.

Okay, I do admit that in light of how sick I have been for the last 2 months, I wouldn't mind having a handpicked forever roommate to help take care of me. It's just truly unfortunate that we have to date to find that roommate.

No sooner did I post that last one when...

No sooner did I post my last entry then I got this gem of an email from a 23 year old male who claims to be in school in Utah.


you know, it would have so strange if i don't take a moment to tell you that you are truely the very tengible proof of a divine creature, love your smile too because there's something warm and beautiful about you when you smile. so wat do u do in life and for fun

Now for something different for a change...

Instead of my usual complaints about being sick, I thought I'd shake things up and share a funny event from this week.

A few weeks ago I got bored and decided to join up an online dating service again. Blech. You would think I'd learn and just stay the hell away from the freak shows that inhabit those places. But no, I never learn my lesson and keep going back for more.

A few days ago a surprisingly normal and attractive guy sends me a "flirt" (ridiculous little pre-programmed comments). I have no witty openers and rarely can think of something interesting to start an email conversation with a total stranger. But his profile just looked so nice and normal. Good punctuation, all the words were spelled correctly, etc. (You'd be surprised what a rarity that is.)

Here is my email to him-
"I need some help. Your profile is just way too normal. And I have given up hope that there are normal guys on this site. So can you save me some time and tell me what's wrong with you? Or are you really as normal as your profile makes you look?"

His first reply-
"Just wanted to say hello and that you, my dear, are a knockout. I am an RN and work in bone marrow transplant and oncology. I love what I do and I love life. I have been married and divorced twice with a daughter from each marriage. I own a home in Eagle Mountain and love it here. I like the simple things in life....and have a good sense of humor. Drop a line if you'd like..."

Starts off good, shows some promise, and then WOAH- 2 divorces at 28 years old? Um... Big huge red flag.

And then strangely he writes me again the next day, even though I hadn't replied to him.
"Oh sweetheart........ Thanks for flattering me but I am far from perfect. I have my weaknesses and shortcomings (total Mormon word isn't it?) I can be obnoxious at times and milk gives me gas. I somtimes swear...hell, %$#@! and damn ar my favs...thanks to growing up around my beloved grandpa....whom I am named after!! Also, I am struggling with the church thing right now. Have made some mistakes. Would love to tell you my story over dinner!! Oh yeah....asparagus...I love it!! But it makes my pee stink!! Being an RN I feel I can tell you these things....hope you are not offended.....if you are, I apologize.."

So now we have 2 divorces and flatulence. Oh my. And why is it all of these guys on these supposedly LDS dating sites haven't been to church in forever, and seem to have no interest in going to church, and yet are looking for Mormon girls?

Blah. I'm so tired of dating.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger, Or Supresses Our Immune System So We Get Even Sicker, Right?

First, the absolutely fabulous news! I resigned my job today and accepted a new position with a PR firm in SLC. The new job will be working PR and marketing with non-profits, political groups, and independent films. Can you say PERFECT for me?? I am VERY EXCITED!!!

And, I am very very much in the debt of the one and only Heidi who hooked me up with the job (more in a few weeks about the behind the scenes connections here) and to my parents and family and friends for all the prayers and fasting that went into this! I am very aware an grateful of all the prayer and love that others have shown for me this past month.

Now I just have to move. My landlords have unexpectedly needed to return to the US very quickly, and I have less than a week to move out! They gave me 4 weeks notice to move, but between kidney stones, liver infections, and job hunting, and having NO idea where I was about to land with all of this, I haven't had the ability to find a place yet. But I have a safety net back up plan (Juli - who moves to SLC today!) if I can't find something in the next week.

Oh, and did I mention all this stress and insanity and pain has apparently suppressed my immune system and today I woke up with a sinus infection and massive sore throat? My doctor was not surprised in the least to see me today. I however nearly cried when the receptionist at the office knew my name when I walked in. I told her I'm tired of seeing her happy face. Thankfully she laughed!

So the stress continues, but at least things are looking up!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Super Saturday for Politics

I will be spending most of Saturday driving all over Utah. I'm wishing I either had satellite radio or that Utah had a better news radio station so I could listen to politics and the polls all day tomorrow. KSL is a great station sometimes, but they air too many sports shows and games live, thereby impeding my political newstalk time!

Also, you may infer from my schedule tomorrow (buy groceries, go apartment hunting, go to Park City for Sundance movies) that I'm not feeling wretched right now. That doesn't mean that all the fun I am DETERMINED to go enjoy tomorrow won't kill me. Let's hear it for Lortab!

And without further ado, here are my predictions for the upcoming caucuses-

Nevada GOP- I'm going with Romney winning over McCain by at least 10%. And Giuliani a close third. Huck will be nowhere in sight. Nevada is winner take all, which would put Romney at 67 delegates.
Dems- I think it will be Clinton by a very large margin, possibly as much as 30%. Edwards will concede and drop out Saturday night.

South Carolina- ooh so tricky right now! I'm very unsure of my predictions, but I'll share them anyway. I'm going with Huckabee at 30% and McCain around 27%. Romney will only get around 10-11%, but that is to be expected I think. I expect Thompson and Giuliani will get less than 10% each. And I hope and pray Ron Paul bows out. But I do expect to hear him go independent on Sunday morning on a talk show. SC divides its delegates, which would give Huck about 8, putting him around 40, McCain around 6-7 giving him about 20, and Romney only 2-3, but he'll have 67 including Nevada, and he'll be the front runner with about 70.

The Democrats won't be in SC for another week, so I don't have to make predictions there. And I haven't followed their delegate count close enough to tally things now.

All in all, and against all of the odds, I think Romney will be the clear front runner for at least a week. But then we hit Florida, which is winner take all, and ahs 57. And right now Romney and Giuiliani are neck and neck there. Will NV be enough to push Romney up and over the edge to win FL? I have no idea. But this sure is a fun and exciting race!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank you mom and dad!

Mormons Resent Misconceptions

CNN finally gets it right and the headline says it all- Mormons resent the misconceptions about our faith.

If you want to know what people really think about us, check out this incredible movie-
Article VI Faith, Politics, Americas. I had the pleasure of attending the screening of this in SLC on Tuesday night. There are no Mormons interviewed in the movie. And Mitt Romney is not mentioned. It does interview several pastors, Divinical school deans and professors, and street preachers, and asks them about the Constitution, the LDS Church, and politics in general. It is fascinating and eye-opening.

There are viewings still to come in Atlanta, Dallas and Washington, DC. You can also download the movie for viewing on your own computer, or buy the DVD for yourself.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So tired

I am so tired of feeling miserable. But I have hope that today will have good news by the end. Can you see how bad my eyes look? That is what happens when you don't get a decent night of sleep in over a month. Red red eyes, puffiness, etc.
But like I said, it's still morning. There is still a chance for a good day ahead.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stress in the Time of Some Mystery Illness

Have you ever reached that breaking point where you just can't take one more thing? Going through one major life event (moving, job change, illness, etc) is hard enough. Going through all of them at once? KILLING ME.

"Yesterday was plain awful." (2 brownie points to the first person to know what movie that was from) And there is no other way to describe it. The specialist I saw for my never ending "right flank pain" sent me in for the CT Scan with Contrast. I'm allergic to contrast, and we knew that. So I had to take some meds in prep for it. I spent the weekend in horrible pain from the meds. We're talking writhing on the floor sobbing in pain from the pills. Pretty much the worst pain and weekend ever.

So I go in for the miserable test. There were a few SNAFU's (the first hospital where I had the appointment set flat out refused to give me the test knowing my allergy to the contrast) but we got through them. But then they gave me the test. On the bright side, well, at least we really do know for sure that I'm allergic to the contrast now. On the down side I had to pass out, choke, vomit on the tech, and break out in hives for us to find that out. And all that just for the test results to come back with the answer, "no conclusive explanation for pain."

And after all of that we're still back at Square 1 with no good explanations for anything. Which is pretty much the last thing I wanted to hear.

Oh, and as previously mentioned, I'm very anxiously job hunting.

AND, to make things even more complicated, my landlord emailed me last week to say they are moving back, and need me out in about 4 weeks.

So major illness, job change and moving. Oh and my laptop up and died. So I can't even house hunt, job hunt, etc from home. And did I mention I moved to Utah with very little furniture and have a LOT of shopping I have to do before I can live in a new place?

I'm seriously on the verge of losing it.

Oh, and just for kicks, I met a really great guy. But under these conditions I have no time or energy to invest in making something happen there. Thankfully, he knows that, and seems to be perfectly willing to just wait for me.

At least one thing is going right.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Horatio in ALL his glory

See that big white dot next to my finger? That is Horatio the Un-Stone. (there's still plenty of stones. but this one isn't a stone.)


Tonight/Last night was another great Wednesday Night Dinner Club. We had it at PF Changs in Orem. And can you believe it- we had 6 guys and 8 girls. That might be the closest odds I have ever seen amongst the sexes at a singles gathering ever. It was great. And we just had a fantastic group tonight. About 6 repeating friends I think, and the rest all new people. Everyone was really friendly and talkative. The conversations never stopped all night. It was great! And again our wait staff was very kind and helpful with our large and unusual group. I really do enjoy hearing everyone talk about what a cool idea it is to have the dinner club. I certainly cannot take credit for it though.
Next week we'll be having dinner the night before my birthday so I picked the restaurant- Tucano's Brazilian Grill. It's my favorite place in Utah County so far. I hope we have a fun crowd again.
WNDC is really becoming the highlight of my week. It's not just the middle of the week- hump day- but I look forward to the conversation and interaction. Especially while I'm stuck here on bed rest all the other days of the week. I may have pushed my luck staying out and using up all my energy tonight, but I don't care. I am a social person and can't stand being so isolated all the time right now. WNDC is my only outlet sometimes!!
Here's to hoping next week continues with success!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Monday, January 07, 2008

My New Hampshire Primary Predictions

I've watched the political news so much in the last few days that I'm dreaming about polls. Seriously. But maybe that's just the Percocet for ya?

Okay, so! My Predictions-

For the GOP-
McCain will "win" at 27%
Romney will "lose" at 24% (which still gives him more delegates overall and puts him in the lead)
Huck will cry foul and do everything he can to discredit his loss.
Thompson (who I am starting to think is a better man than I give him credit for) will be out of the race by Friday
Ron Paul will get as much as 10% and his annoying supporters will walk around acting like they won in a landslide. I still predict he's out of the GOP and running independent by the end of January.

For the (D) side-
Obama will win with a good 10% lead over Edwards. Hillary will trail 3% behind Edwards. Richardson will give up and concede on Thursday afternoon.

Dr. Phil will show up to console the losers and invite them on his show, "How Politics Ruined My Life."

My NH Predictions

McCain will win at 27%
Romney will "lose" at 24%-- which still puts him ahead of everyone else.
The rest just lose.
Huckabee will make some crap up about why he lost. Thompson, a good man, will be out by Friday.

Obama wins a good 10% over Edwards, with Hillary 3% under that.

(I got moved to huge doses of Lortab today. So anything I say can be taken back when I'm sober. But I think I stand by these.)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Nicest Kindest Sweetest Thing Ever

I think I mentioned earlier that my sister in Reno said she was going to send me dinner tonight. When her mother-in-law showed up with "dinner," it turned out to be more like a month's worth of groceries. Chicken, roast, ham, pot pies, spaghetti, and more. I am so humbled and grateful right now. And the piece de resistance that really made me happy? She brought me a People magazine to keep me entertained in bed!!
No one has ever done something so nice and generous for me before! I'm crying!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fueling the Shopping Addiction While Stuck in Bed

While I've been stuck living such a boring and low-key life this past month I've been pretty much forced into relying on the internet for entertainment. I thought I'd share some of the places I find amusement. And by amusement, I mean places to spend more money.

1. I've shared before. I still continue to love it. I've now bought my original mp3 player, speakers that go with my mp3 player, and a bluetooth. And still haven't spent $100 on their site yet.

2. Next is for all the outdoor enthusiasts like me who can never have enough gear. It's called . It is the outlet venue for It works like Woot, more or less. Except that it never stops. They put up a product only for a few minutes, until it sells out, and then it is gone forever. Most products are 50-80% off, and very affordable. I bought a shirt on Thursday night this week, and it was delivered by UPS on Friday (they are Utah based). The shirt is great, and I'm a convert. If you check out the site and find yourself addicted, I recommend downloading this. It makes your addiction much easier to manager.

3. Now the next site is my favorite one of all. I shared it with the girls over on LDSLinkup, and none of them seemed to understand the beauty of the site. That made me sad. How could they not understand the joys and beauty of getting vintage and real designer handbags at affordable prices? The site is called Bag Borrow and and with a membership, you RENT designer handbags. It sounds strange at first. And I haven't actually rented anything yet. But I have put about 50 purses on my wish list. If you know me, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my purses, and go through a dozen a year. I covet many different designer bags, but because I don't allow myself credit cards, I don't buy them. (Because I am otherwise too cheap to spend $1000 on a bag.) In no particular order, these are my three favorite purses on their site.

4. I've also been up to the usual eBay and Bluefly shopping. Only one new dress and a new pair of designer cord pants that way so far.

I don't do New Years Resolutions

I don't. Sometimes I set goals around the time of my birthday, but that is it. But today I have decided to set one resolution.

1. No more kidney stones.

Today I did a few things I have never done before. Starting with calling a complete stranger at church, bursting into tears, and asking for help. The stranger was my Relief Society President, and she quickly came over- to shovel my driveway, so I could get to the clinic for another painkiller shot. I stood there and cried my eyes out while she shoveled my stuck car out of the 6 inches of powdery snow (I had spun out in my own driveway and couldn't move my car). A couple of neighbors saw, and came over to help her. Then they all proceeded to keep shoveling other houses down the street, just because.
I got myself to the clinic and got another shot. Apparently the shots only last a few hours. It was my first experience with this doctor. He made me promise that if things get worse this evening I will get myself into the emergency room. The shot wore off about 1.5 hours ago, but for now, I'm okay.
There was a funny moment in the doctor's office. It went like this.

Dr.: So I hear you have a kidney stone.
Me: No, I have 23 kidney stones.
Dr does a double take and looks back at my scans.: How did you do that?
He was rather impressed with my number. Oh that all men were.

My sister just called and said that since she can't be here with me (she lives in Reno) she's called her mother-in-law and asked her to bring me dinner tonight. I've met her MIL many times and I know what a busy woman she is. It really is very sweet of both of them to do that for me.

Apparently my crystal ball was fuzzy last night

I guess my poli-crystal ball needs some cleaning, because my predictions were way off. But truth be known, I stole most of my ideas from the polls on So I'm surprised how far off some of them were!
Nonetheless, I will do more homework on New Hampshire this weekend, and put up predictions soon. I have nothing better to do, since I have been sentenced to indefinite bed rest after a very bad kidney stone day. (So bad that I had to have Dirtius Wifius take me on a late night trip to the Insta-Care for a painkiller shot. I thought all my problems were solved, because for one brief and beautiful hour I felt no pain at all. But the pain is creeping back in much faster than I expected. I just looked it up online and the shot should have lasted me 5 days. So back to the doctor I go.) I'm not prepared (no food, no drinks, no movies or books) for this round of bed rest, which is going to make this a very frustrating weekend.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucus Predictions

Anyone want to predict the outcome in Iowa with me?

My predictions-

For the GOP-

I think Huckabee and Romney will be within 2% of each other. In other words, no clear winner. (But that won't stop the winner from peacocking like it was a landslide.) I hope Romney is the peacock, but right now I think it is too close to call.
McCain will get about 10%, which is not enough to keep his cash strapped campaign alive. He will stay in the race through New Hampshire, and will then withdraw and throw his support behind Huck. I am thoroughly convinced that has already been arranged.
Giuliani will lose big time in Iowa, but this will have no bearing on anything. He still has money and a glimmer of hope in Florida. The polls say nationally he is the front runner. But if you read closely, you'll see he's only leading in states no one has campaigned in. In other words? He is only "winning" on name recognition, and as soon as people start listening they change their minds about Giuliani.
Ron Paul will have the weakest showing ever. He will withdraw in a few weeks as well and will take his measly 4% of supporters and go independent.

And for the Dems-

Edwards and Clinton tie with about 25-30% of the vote, and Obama is right behind them by about 2-3%. Richards will drop out of the race on Monday.
We will also quickly start hearing that as much as people like Obama, African-Americans will continue their historic trend and not actually go out to vote. Obama will lose entirely based on this unfortunate trend. Expect Jesse Jackson to start loud-mouthing all over the planet, as well as Oprah, doing everything under the sun possible to attempt to reverse this trend. Making this campaign more than ever about race, alienating many other voters.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesday Night Dinner Club

Just when the depression of having no social life was just about to take me over, 23 people showed up for Wednesday Night Dinner Club! (25 if you count 2 cute children that came with their dad) YEAH! There is hope for actually meeting people in this town!

Suddenly I Wish I Had a Boyfriend

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