Saturday, January 05, 2008

Apparently my crystal ball was fuzzy last night

I guess my poli-crystal ball needs some cleaning, because my predictions were way off. But truth be known, I stole most of my ideas from the polls on So I'm surprised how far off some of them were!
Nonetheless, I will do more homework on New Hampshire this weekend, and put up predictions soon. I have nothing better to do, since I have been sentenced to indefinite bed rest after a very bad kidney stone day. (So bad that I had to have Dirtius Wifius take me on a late night trip to the Insta-Care for a painkiller shot. I thought all my problems were solved, because for one brief and beautiful hour I felt no pain at all. But the pain is creeping back in much faster than I expected. I just looked it up online and the shot should have lasted me 5 days. So back to the doctor I go.) I'm not prepared (no food, no drinks, no movies or books) for this round of bed rest, which is going to make this a very frustrating weekend.

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