Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coolest unPolitical Mitt Romney Story I Have Ever Heard

In my blog surfing and internet readings I came across this story today. This story is the bottom line absolute one and only reason I am voting for Mitt Romney. (I am so glad I'm still registered in VA where my vote will make a difference.)

This story embodies everything I want in a good man.

If you need a little bit more enticement- it is a personal blog from November written by a man who's home suffered fire damage during the Santa Ana's. Many church members came out to help, including one man who said that he and his dad were going to come help with a tree stump. The dad turned out to be the one and only Mitt Romney, right in the middle of campaign season, without any press to be seen.

Why do I want to see Mitt Romney as the President? Because this is the kind of thing he does. He has that great leader, hard worker, good man quality about him that you can't find just anywhere. The men who willing get up and go help a stranger dig up a 20 year old root from a tree burned in a fire, in exchange for absolutely nothing, are the good ones out there. They don't live for the glory, the power, or the prestige. They live to do the right thing. And that for me is what Mitt Romney has that no one else has. McCain? In it for the power. Huckabee? Just to see if anyone would listen to him? Clinton? Power, money, and prestige. Obama? Maybe to do the right thing. At least, I'd like to believe that about him. But can you really say that about anyone else? That you honestly believe that they have an honest and true desire to do the right thing?


  1. stacer11:34 AM

    This is actually why I'm torn between Romney and Obama--I get the sense from both of them that they're men of integrity who will do the right thing. I hope Mitt gets the nomination, as I hope for Obama, because then that will be the first election in how many years where we've had two good men (people--I don't have anything against Clinton as a woman, just that she'll polarize a nation that shouldn't be polarized anymore) to choose from.

  2. Amen, Stacer. We have enough politicians who are in it for what power they can get, or to push their personal agenda onto a people who are clearly ready for compromise and progress. I think Romney and Obama have the potential to be great statesmen(or women, as the case may be) regardless of whether or not they are elected president. This is something sorely missing from the political scene.

  3. Thanks for the link to that story. Loved it.


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