Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fueling the Shopping Addiction While Stuck in Bed

While I've been stuck living such a boring and low-key life this past month I've been pretty much forced into relying on the internet for entertainment. I thought I'd share some of the places I find amusement. And by amusement, I mean places to spend more money.

1. I've shared before. I still continue to love it. I've now bought my original mp3 player, speakers that go with my mp3 player, and a bluetooth. And still haven't spent $100 on their site yet.

2. Next is for all the outdoor enthusiasts like me who can never have enough gear. It's called . It is the outlet venue for It works like Woot, more or less. Except that it never stops. They put up a product only for a few minutes, until it sells out, and then it is gone forever. Most products are 50-80% off, and very affordable. I bought a shirt on Thursday night this week, and it was delivered by UPS on Friday (they are Utah based). The shirt is great, and I'm a convert. If you check out the site and find yourself addicted, I recommend downloading this. It makes your addiction much easier to manager.

3. Now the next site is my favorite one of all. I shared it with the girls over on LDSLinkup, and none of them seemed to understand the beauty of the site. That made me sad. How could they not understand the joys and beauty of getting vintage and real designer handbags at affordable prices? The site is called Bag Borrow and and with a membership, you RENT designer handbags. It sounds strange at first. And I haven't actually rented anything yet. But I have put about 50 purses on my wish list. If you know me, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my purses, and go through a dozen a year. I covet many different designer bags, but because I don't allow myself credit cards, I don't buy them. (Because I am otherwise too cheap to spend $1000 on a bag.) In no particular order, these are my three favorite purses on their site.

4. I've also been up to the usual eBay and Bluefly shopping. Only one new dress and a new pair of designer cord pants that way so far.

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  1. Oh! I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE that last bag. I've got too many Coach and Dooneys to that I have my LV. Maybe I should mail my bags to you that I no longer use...


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