Saturday, January 05, 2008

I don't do New Years Resolutions

I don't. Sometimes I set goals around the time of my birthday, but that is it. But today I have decided to set one resolution.

1. No more kidney stones.

Today I did a few things I have never done before. Starting with calling a complete stranger at church, bursting into tears, and asking for help. The stranger was my Relief Society President, and she quickly came over- to shovel my driveway, so I could get to the clinic for another painkiller shot. I stood there and cried my eyes out while she shoveled my stuck car out of the 6 inches of powdery snow (I had spun out in my own driveway and couldn't move my car). A couple of neighbors saw, and came over to help her. Then they all proceeded to keep shoveling other houses down the street, just because.
I got myself to the clinic and got another shot. Apparently the shots only last a few hours. It was my first experience with this doctor. He made me promise that if things get worse this evening I will get myself into the emergency room. The shot wore off about 1.5 hours ago, but for now, I'm okay.
There was a funny moment in the doctor's office. It went like this.

Dr.: So I hear you have a kidney stone.
Me: No, I have 23 kidney stones.
Dr does a double take and looks back at my scans.: How did you do that?
He was rather impressed with my number. Oh that all men were.

My sister just called and said that since she can't be here with me (she lives in Reno) she's called her mother-in-law and asked her to bring me dinner tonight. I've met her MIL many times and I know what a busy woman she is. It really is very sweet of both of them to do that for me.

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  1. Great for you of calling your ward for help. I know how difficult that can be.


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