Monday, January 07, 2008

My New Hampshire Primary Predictions

I've watched the political news so much in the last few days that I'm dreaming about polls. Seriously. But maybe that's just the Percocet for ya?

Okay, so! My Predictions-

For the GOP-
McCain will "win" at 27%
Romney will "lose" at 24% (which still gives him more delegates overall and puts him in the lead)
Huck will cry foul and do everything he can to discredit his loss.
Thompson (who I am starting to think is a better man than I give him credit for) will be out of the race by Friday
Ron Paul will get as much as 10% and his annoying supporters will walk around acting like they won in a landslide. I still predict he's out of the GOP and running independent by the end of January.

For the (D) side-
Obama will win with a good 10% lead over Edwards. Hillary will trail 3% behind Edwards. Richardson will give up and concede on Thursday afternoon.

Dr. Phil will show up to console the losers and invite them on his show, "How Politics Ruined My Life."


  1. I am ABSOLUTELY HOWLING! That's an awesome prediction!

  2. jules9:14 AM

    You came pretty dang close on the GOP. Impressive!


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