Sunday, January 06, 2008

Nicest Kindest Sweetest Thing Ever

I think I mentioned earlier that my sister in Reno said she was going to send me dinner tonight. When her mother-in-law showed up with "dinner," it turned out to be more like a month's worth of groceries. Chicken, roast, ham, pot pies, spaghetti, and more. I am so humbled and grateful right now. And the piece de resistance that really made me happy? She brought me a People magazine to keep me entertained in bed!!
No one has ever done something so nice and generous for me before! I'm crying!


  1. That's really sweet.

  2. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Wow. That's a beautiful thing!

    You need more people to tell you that you are awesome and you deserve kindness like this.

    (internet hug)

  3. Wow, that is SO great. How thoughtful!

  4. I had an exboyfriend do that once.
    We remained friends - and during a phone call he told me that I sounded horrible. I told him that I was coming down with something bad... so bad that I probably wouldn't make it to work the next day. (I never call in sick)

    Then he asked if I needed anything. Knowing that I didn't have cable he suggested bringing me a movie or two - what else. I dunno, I'm probably out of kleenex.

    an hour later he's at my door with fresh homemade spaghetti and sauce, a box of kleenex, two movies, a newspaper and a bottle of nyquil!

    That was sweet!


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