Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rolling, Rolling, Keep Them Doggies Rolling

I'm exhausted. In addition to the kidney/liver situation, I've got a massive sinus infection. (Apparently I couldn't feel it building up thanks to the Lortab.) And I'm willing to bed that my so-called head cold has turned into bronchitis. The coughing and breathing are that bad. But lack of oxygen or not, I have to pack and move.
Have I mentioned how much I hate packing and moving?
I still don't have a place to live. But I still have 4 more days to find something, right? That's not impossible...

Yesterday went something like this-
wake up, eat a small cup of yogurt, take army of pills, lay down on couch waiting for drugs to kick in
get up and go to bank and wal-mart. (because it ain't a saturday in springville without a trip to the walmart.)
come home and attempt to sleep for a few hours, but discover it just isn't possible through the coughing
pack dishes and dvd's
lie on couch wishing i could sleep through my coughing and sniffling for an hour
move laundry loads around
lie on bed wishing i could sleep through coughing and sniffling
watch a movie, since i can't do anything anyway
feel guilty and get up and shove stuff into my car and call it packing
notice that i can turn the oven self-clean thing on and pretend that is working too
realize that the self cleaning oven is heating up the entire first level so high that i have to open windows and doors
start coughing from the cold dry air coming inside
give up and lay back down
put in another load of laundry, throw clean clothes in massive pile on floor
start coughing again
lay back down with laptop, talk to friends for a while, justify not working because i have a few more days to pack anyway
drink some hot tea to soothe coughing and throat
grab an older bottle of tramadol, take a pill i know isn't tramadol, but feel certain its Lortab (over christmas i combined pills into one bottle)
discover pill was percocet and begin hallucinating, must go lay down in bed and pray i can sleep finally
realize there are 2 clean loads of laundry on bed (somehow they jumped from the floor to the bed when i wasn't looking, not unlike my mother's dogs)
have no desire to lift heavy load and start coughing again, so slip in under the clothes and sleep for 3 blessed hours before the coughing kicks in.
wake up, do more drugs, repeat cycle

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