Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stress in the Time of Some Mystery Illness

Have you ever reached that breaking point where you just can't take one more thing? Going through one major life event (moving, job change, illness, etc) is hard enough. Going through all of them at once? KILLING ME.

"Yesterday was plain awful." (2 brownie points to the first person to know what movie that was from) And there is no other way to describe it. The specialist I saw for my never ending "right flank pain" sent me in for the CT Scan with Contrast. I'm allergic to contrast, and we knew that. So I had to take some meds in prep for it. I spent the weekend in horrible pain from the meds. We're talking writhing on the floor sobbing in pain from the pills. Pretty much the worst pain and weekend ever.

So I go in for the miserable test. There were a few SNAFU's (the first hospital where I had the appointment set flat out refused to give me the test knowing my allergy to the contrast) but we got through them. But then they gave me the test. On the bright side, well, at least we really do know for sure that I'm allergic to the contrast now. On the down side I had to pass out, choke, vomit on the tech, and break out in hives for us to find that out. And all that just for the test results to come back with the answer, "no conclusive explanation for pain."

And after all of that we're still back at Square 1 with no good explanations for anything. Which is pretty much the last thing I wanted to hear.

Oh, and as previously mentioned, I'm very anxiously job hunting.

AND, to make things even more complicated, my landlord emailed me last week to say they are moving back, and need me out in about 4 weeks.

So major illness, job change and moving. Oh and my laptop up and died. So I can't even house hunt, job hunt, etc from home. And did I mention I moved to Utah with very little furniture and have a LOT of shopping I have to do before I can live in a new place?

I'm seriously on the verge of losing it.

Oh, and just for kicks, I met a really great guy. But under these conditions I have no time or energy to invest in making something happen there. Thankfully, he knows that, and seems to be perfectly willing to just wait for me.

At least one thing is going right.


  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    annie..it is from ANNIE!!! "yesterday was plain awful...you can say that again!" and i have been meaning to tell you that i have found you and your blog completely accidentally and i love your writing style and wonder if you remember me from centreville. we have the same middle name and we were beehives together (and mia maids and such...) in va. but i moved away right before my jr year. we were girls camp crazies together! can you guess who i am? maybe this little guessing game will cheer you up. sorry you have been so sick and sorry about the utah situation. we moved away from utah just a few years ago. wish i was closer so i could come and help you out. lemme see if you have an email address somewhere here so i can not broadcast myself and my email to the whole world:) get well soon and good luck guessing. p.s. what do i get to do with the 2 points? :)

  2. OOH! A game! A game! (And it's about me. Sort of!)

    Okay, well, there was only what, 10 of us that grew up in that ward together? Or should I say 6 of us if we go back to Beehives.

    So that limits it to-
    Cindy, Katie, Laurie, Isabel, Shauna, and occasionally Jamie or the other Cindy. But narrow it down to Beehives and Girls Camp? And it's just Cindy, Katie, Laurie and me.

    Knows her musicals?

    Same middle name?

    I'm going with Laurie Ann.

    Funny clue that would have given it away- the only one in our Beehive class who didn't have a birthday in the same week with the rest of us.

    Now, of course, I'm freaking out that maybe I missed one person.And then I would feel AWFUL. Or do you count Claire and Joanna, who were technically younger than us? Or the Jessica's?

    I'm still leaning towards Laurie.

  3. -you can say that again

  4. Anonymous8:40 PM

    yep you were right now how do i email you or get ahold of you without broadcasting everything to the world? tricky tricky tricky

  5. Ms. Anonymous- my nickname is in the address to this blog. Use that name at yahoo and you shall find me.


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