Thursday, January 10, 2008


Tonight/Last night was another great Wednesday Night Dinner Club. We had it at PF Changs in Orem. And can you believe it- we had 6 guys and 8 girls. That might be the closest odds I have ever seen amongst the sexes at a singles gathering ever. It was great. And we just had a fantastic group tonight. About 6 repeating friends I think, and the rest all new people. Everyone was really friendly and talkative. The conversations never stopped all night. It was great! And again our wait staff was very kind and helpful with our large and unusual group. I really do enjoy hearing everyone talk about what a cool idea it is to have the dinner club. I certainly cannot take credit for it though.
Next week we'll be having dinner the night before my birthday so I picked the restaurant- Tucano's Brazilian Grill. It's my favorite place in Utah County so far. I hope we have a fun crowd again.
WNDC is really becoming the highlight of my week. It's not just the middle of the week- hump day- but I look forward to the conversation and interaction. Especially while I'm stuck here on bed rest all the other days of the week. I may have pushed my luck staying out and using up all my energy tonight, but I don't care. I am a social person and can't stand being so isolated all the time right now. WNDC is my only outlet sometimes!!
Here's to hoping next week continues with success!


  1. Color me so jealous...the closest PF Changs to where I live is over an hour and it's a rare event when I can get anyone to go with me!

  2. That's great. I'm so glad WNDC is taking off!

    What a great crowd.


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