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Thinking Happy Thoughts

In case it hasn't been obvious, I have been happier lately. In addition to the growing list of reasons of why I am happier, it compounds the happiness just to feel happy again. I was seriously starting to wonder if I'd ever feel anything besides Horatio again.
The last few weeks have been seriously busy and crazy and exciting. There has been the regular annoying things to do when you move into a new place, like buying little things. And then getting adjusted and used to the new job. And then getting into the usual insane things I get into. Like learning how to cook without a microwave or half the usual and normal kitchen utensils. It's not as easy as you would think. And I admit, my meals are pretty boring.
And did I mention my job has pretty much turned my life right upside down and crazy? And tomorrow could make life even crazier for the next month, possibly (hopefully) even longer. (Can I humbly ask the universe to cross their fingers for me on this one?) The fun part is …

Was I Right, Or Was I Right?

Could I have been any more right about Chris and the tranny clothes? Hello!! Human hair??? ICK!!!!

But I admit I was wrong about Rami. Sadly, I wish he had gone back to the one note Grecian goddess dresses. I didn't care for what was shown. But it was all pretty amazing.

I can't wait for next week.

Recipe for the Perfect Evening

Bombay House for dinner (wednesday night dinner club!)
American Idol
Project Runway
And just letting go...
Yeah right. Like I'm capable of letting go!

But you had better believe I'll be blogging about Project Runway and American Idol tomorrow. I can't believe I haven't been blogging about Project Runway this whole time. I have loved this season more than all the other seasons put together. Anyone want to make predictions if it will be Rami or Chris before tonight's episode?? I think Chris will go too crazy and blow it for himself. They will give Rami all sorts of crap that he's a one-note, but a genius one-note (Hello! I would wear ANY of those amazing dresses he has made!). And they will put him through but only with lots of grief and crap. And we will all wonder why Chris chose to design an entire line of tranny clothes.

And I have to admit, it's kind of fun to live in Murray right now while American Idol's promising young'un is from here. Everywh…

And the quote of the day goes to...

And the quote of the day goes to my co-worker Sara who said, "Heidi warned us you like to go big and over the top."

That comment was made as I was begging her to triple check my numbers for a massive deal and event that scares the bejeezus out of me.

And that pretty much sums up why I am exhausted and overwhelmed.

It really is great to be busy and needed and useful again. I'm loving it. I am so out of practice at working this hard though!! Oh my goodness I am out of practice! But if I can keep up my caffeine fueled insanity, this could be really fun and pay off well.

Remember, this blog is going un-Google-able in a few more days so that I can start using names.


Star Wars According to a 3 Yr Old

Support My Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowling Fundraiser

I am a Big Brother Big Sister of Utah volunteer. And our annual fundraiser is coming up on March 8. I am looking for friends to both be on my bowling team and for friends to help donate to raise funds in our team name. So even if you can't come out and bowl with us, you can always donate the $5 I'm asking of each friend.

"Bowl for Kids' Sake." At FatCats Entertainment Center (3739 South 900 East). My team slot is from 6-8.

Bigs and Littles invited. Bring your family out to participate in this fun day with us!

To contribute or participate click here-

just another crazy erin day

As alluded to in the post below, sometimes I get myself into the craziest of situations. And today was/is no exception. What started out as a little idea for a client has now turned into the mother of all crazy events. I can't give details. I really can't. Especially not till contracts are signed and it's all a done deal. But until then I will have fun with keywords.
Spring break, concert, party, beach, and getting the hell out of Utah (that's one keyword, right?), and all in the name of working.
Oh and trying to pull it all off in the next 3 weeks.
There isn't enough caffeine in Utah to get me through this!!
I am loving it though. I'm just totally out of practice.

blog maintenance

Since starting my new job I've been thinking that I might need to password block my blog, or make it un-Google-able. And today I realized I really need to. My new job is a lot of social networking, which means we live and die by blogs and Google. And if I want to talk about my job or my clients, I can't have those comments Googled. Not that I would ever say anything inappropriate, but it really needs to be done. I think a lot of my friends will want to know about the craziness that I am stirring up these days, and that is exactly what I can't have Googled.
So, I'm giving this one week. I can see on my statcounter that several people google me to find me regularly. You have one week to figure out how to use bookmarks and RSS feeds, and then I'm gone from Google.
And when I get to the point where I want to share names, I'm password blocking the blog. If you are a regular reader, you can have the password. But I just can't have fans or haters of my clients findi…

I love MPD

After putting up with the annoying loud thumping music from downstairs for nearly 3 hours I caved and called the police department. They were here within 10 minutes. (I called in on the non-emergency line, so the response time was a miracle.) And now it is night and peacefully quiet.



just another girl in utah that felt the earthquake today

I think it probably made it across the news pretty well by now that we had an earthquake here in Utah this morning. I survived. It wasn't scary or a big deal.
But it got me thinking. I have now been through a hurricane (actually several big ones), an earthquake, a windstorm, full blown blizzards, heat waves, and a few other things. And only once, during Hurricane Jeanne in FL, did I ever feel like I was in danger. Pretty anti-climatic.
My version of this morning's earthquake? I had just woken up and was sitting on the toilet. All I thought was, "Woah, something's not right here." When I get migraines they always start with a "personal earthquake." And all I had time to think was that I really hoped I wasn't getting a migraine, but how odd it was that the towels were shaking. I got in the shower, and by the time I got out, the radio was calling it an earthquake. I was just glad it wasn't a migraine.
Seriously, very anti-climatic.
Now, if I could just…

I heart movies

In honor of my first real free day since Thanksgiving to not be sick and not have obligations elsewhere, I spent my day relaxing. I went to 2 matinees and had a lovely lunch at the Nordstroms cafe.

First, I saw "Jumper," with new friend Jen. Did you know I have a massive celebrity crush on Hayden Christensen? I do. I just think he is all sorts of hot and steamy. He's on the top of "my list" (you know, from "Friends," the list of celebrities you can get with penalty free from your sig other). I'm not sure what it is about him. Maybe it is his very sexy slow smile. Whatever it is. I love him. He could have just stood there naked without saying a word during the whole movie and I would have been happy. Hell, he could just stand there with clothes on and I'd be happy.
I think die hard sci-fi fans will not enjoy this movie. There's too many sci-fi inconsistencies. I love sci-fi but I will never be one of those people that think the rules of telep…

Get pregnant or buy a house?

My sister and I were discussing my finances and taxes today. And we came to a pretty simple conclusion. I need to either buy a house now or get pregnant within the next month or so to spare myself some unhappy taxes next year.
Now to decide between the two!

just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Horatio returns with a freaking vengeance.
I think he may actually be trying to kill me today.
I was feeling pretty crappy before I went to bed last night, but was determined to do so without any medications, because I couldn't tell if it was the "duct spasms," Horatio, or the stomach flu returning. And the wrong medication means not getting to take the right medication when I figure it out. So I slept horribly, but I did sleep.
And then woke up to the very clear answer that Horatio hates me. I have taken a full dose of Lortab, plus 800 mgs of ibuprofen, I'm back in bed (I was a good girl and attempted to go to church, before realizing I had to be able to walk all the way to my car for that to happen), heating pad on, and I'm still feeling the pain.
Kidney stones really are of the devil. That's all there is to it.

A close to culture as I'm gonna get

Now that I've had a few days and hours to think clearly I've finally come up with some goals and projects to keep me busy and moving this year. I hesitate from calling them resolutions. Because they are nothing like resolutions, because I'm not resolving to do any of them. They are just things I want to get around to doing now that I live in a slightly more culturally interesting area. (I just threw up a little in my mouth. But SLC is more exciting than Springville.)

1. Visit the Aquarium I saw about 5 minutes from my house.
2. If and when the sun and warmth ever returns to Utah and all the wretched snow melts, go for a walk and read a book in the nearby cemetary (sounds odd, but it looked like a really pretty place).
3. Find out what is so historic about the "historic park" 2 blocks from my complex.
4. Finish writing a novel.
5. Go to a singles dance. Part of me wants to vomit at the thought, but I have got to figure out how I'm going to meet people. And whatever…

I am in love with LOST!

LOST is back and better than ever before. So I'm showing my love with a widget!

Sometimes I like to give myself props

Utah is freaking freezing.
A few days ago I was talking with my cousin-friend* Matt who is my opposite in a funny way. Matt grew up in Utah, but ended up in Virginia for school, and is now back in UT. I grew up in Virginia, went to school in UT, went back to VA, and am now back in UT. We were talking about the weather, and I commented on the never ending winter and snow here. He laughed and replied, "Virginia was COLD!"
And he's right, VA was cold. But we have these blessed warm strange spikes in weather all the time. Al Gore calls it global warming. I call it a Godsend.
Utah, for those who are unaware, is a Godforsaken state. I can prove it. We never have those all important warm weather spikes. Those spikes are what keep people from falling into massive depression from the darkness, ice, snow, dirty ugly highways, and big muddy piles of more snow. Oh and my favorite, the dangerously dangling and dripping and falling icicles that double as life threatening spears if you do…

She said as she collapsed with exhaustion onto her air mattress

Ch-ch-changes! (if you are on RSS feeds and can't see the embedded music clip, and have 3:55 minutes to spare, this is worth watching just for the ridiculous laugh when you realize what the video is really doing)

Needless to say, my life has been chock full of crazy changes lately. Moving, illness, new job, new ward, etc. I'm catching up and adjusting pretty well. I'm sure many of my upcoming posts will be about all of these changes. Tonight is one such post.

At the job I just left I was going crazy because I wasn't given any responsibility or trust. I was flat out told that I suck and that one of my bosses felt I had no talent at all. And I was told to "not think for myself" and to just do as I was told. (I'm happy to have left that life behind so we won't be rehashing my feelings on that subject.)

This is SO not the case with my new job. This job is all about ownership and just doing whatever it takes to impress someone, if not everyone. It's all a…

Letter to the Guy Downstairs

To: the very loud music-playing neighbors downstairs
From: Me, a girl who doesn't appreciate latin bass

Re: Your loud music

First, I'd like to thank you for exposing me to a new style of music. Latin hip-hop had not yet made my horizons. Also, thank you for my new cellulite reducing routine. See, your music is so loud that it makes everything in my apartment pulsate. And if I am sitting on the floor, or a chair, or a bed, while you are playing your music, it pulsates just enough to actually reduce the cellulite on my back end. It has taken me years to reduce the amount of cellulite you have removed in just 6 short days of living here.
But I do have a bone to pick with you. It's the second-hand pot smoke. It's wafting up from downstairs and quite frankly making my new home STINK. I did just make a lovely batch of peanut butter chip and chocolate chip cookies, and I was thinking of bringing it down to share with you. Would that work? Would you open a window and turn down the…

Idol Chatter

My favorite time of the year is back. American Idol time. I'm just sitting here tonight enjoying my new DVR and cable access and watching American Idol. And I have just discovered this year's heart throb. He's totally hot and Oh.My.Gosh. that voice. The Australian singer Michael Johns (he sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" if that jogs memories) will be one of the top ten and will be this year's Daughtry. I think I'm already a little bit in love with him. But can an Australian really be the American Idol??

Catching up on me

I've moved into my new place. I took some cute pictures of me smiling with my door bell, but blogger seems to have lost them. Whatever. I'm home. I'm here. I don't care anymore.
I have no furniture, except for 2 end tables, an antique chair that is NOT for sitting on, and a coffee table. And a huge air mattress. I need furniture. The last few days have been insanely busy and yet boring all at the same time with no internet or cable at home. But I did have "Northern Exposure" (awesome late 80's-early 90's TV show) from Netflix to keep me company. However, I don't recommend watching too many episodes in a row and then sleeping uncomfortably. You may find yourself dreaming about moose kissing cows and trying to sit in your lap. Seriously, it's not a good dream.
Lots of things in my life are settling down, just as fast as other things are ramping up. It's a good feeling. I am feeling more in control. And the best part is I'm not as sick. Thi…


Hmm... it appears the 3 different pictures I blogged from my phone didn't go through over the weekend. But never fear, I finally have internet and TV at home again, and my blogging will resume tonight.
In the meantime, I have a favor to ask of the blogosphere-- Send me the names/links to your favorite political, religious, and/or news blogs. Liberal, libertarian, or conservative. Doesn't matter. I just need blogs!!

2 major life issues down...

I'm absolutely exhausted as I write this. I don't even know why I am writing while I am this tired. I should just go to sleep. But I'm here, so I may as well finish what I came to say, right?

I got 2 major life issues settled today. One is I found a place to live, and I can pick up the keys tomorrow. I kinda got the place on a total whim, but I like it, and I'm excited to move in. Second, I finally got in to see the liver/kidney specialist doctor today. I got weighed as I came in. I've lost 15 lbs since Christmas, most of it thanks to Body by Stomach Flu this weekend. Either way, I was happy and did a little happy dance jig. Later when the doctor diagnosed my bizarre condition in just 10 minutes I complained that he had to at least pretend to spend 5 more minutes with me to make the 5 weeks of waiting to see him worth it. He laughed and said, "We can weigh you again, you seemed to enjoy that!" For those who care, the new supposed condition (the doctor was …

I take it back. Apparently there are still more trials I can go through.

Shortly after my post on Saturday, feeling confidant that I could not possibly have one more trial and test thrown at me at once, C threw up (Juli's daughter). A few hours after that, A began a 2 day stomach flu contest. And just a few hours after that, I joined in the contest. Poor Juli is now the nurse to her head cold fighting husband, 1 very sick daughter, and me. (C is over her bug and doing just fine. Except maybe suffering from severe boredom while surrounded by sick people.) I spent the majority of Sunday in the E.R. The pain from the stomach flu and kidney/liver pain were just too much to handle. 3 IV bags and 3 shots later, they sent me home, where I slept fitfully for over 12 hours. I predict A and I will be spending most of the day on the sick couch.

So now for nothing more than my utter amusement that would be-
1. Long term kidney/liver illness.
2. Job change (today should have been my last day at work, tomorrow is my first day)
3. Moving
4. Car accident
5. First ever real …

Like sands in an hour glass, so are the days of our lives

In the month of January I managed to -
1. Contract a very long term and painful illness
2. Get a new job
3. Move
4. Survive a birthday without too much mental trauma
5. And wreck my car.

Yeah, my car is suffering from a banged in front end. Thankfully no one was even remotely injured in the accident. Unfortunately, I was at fault for the accident. Fortunately, the cop did not give me a ticket. I hit the brakes a good stopping distance behind the car in front of me, but the unplowed and very snowy road didn't do me any favors. I crunched my passenger side front end right into the driver's side back end of a large van. I kid you not, the other car doesn't even have a scratch on it. Not even paint transfer, which is significant, because a good 8 inches of paint came off my car.

So now on top of the 2007 health insurance deductible ($500), the 2008 health insurance deductible ($500), (both for CT scans just a few weeks apart, but right over the New Year), new apartment deposit (TBD, …