Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catching up on me

I've moved into my new place. I took some cute pictures of me smiling with my door bell, but blogger seems to have lost them. Whatever. I'm home. I'm here. I don't care anymore.
I have no furniture, except for 2 end tables, an antique chair that is NOT for sitting on, and a coffee table. And a huge air mattress. I need furniture. The last few days have been insanely busy and yet boring all at the same time with no internet or cable at home. But I did have "Northern Exposure" (awesome late 80's-early 90's TV show) from Netflix to keep me company. However, I don't recommend watching too many episodes in a row and then sleeping uncomfortably. You may find yourself dreaming about moose kissing cows and trying to sit in your lap. Seriously, it's not a good dream.
Lots of things in my life are settling down, just as fast as other things are ramping up. It's a good feeling. I am feeling more in control. And the best part is I'm not as sick. Things are definitely improving on that front.
Soon I will have some fun stories and new things to report. Until then, I really need a nap!!

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