Monday, February 18, 2008

I heart movies

In honor of my first real free day since Thanksgiving to not be sick and not have obligations elsewhere, I spent my day relaxing. I went to 2 matinees and had a lovely lunch at the Nordstroms cafe.

First, I saw "Jumper," with new friend Jen. Did you know I have a massive celebrity crush on Hayden Christensen? I do. I just think he is all sorts of hot and steamy. He's on the top of "my list" (you know, from "Friends," the list of celebrities you can get with penalty free from your sig other). I'm not sure what it is about him. Maybe it is his very sexy slow smile. Whatever it is. I love him. He could have just stood there naked without saying a word during the whole movie and I would have been happy. Hell, he could just stand there with clothes on and I'd be happy.
I think die hard sci-fi fans will not enjoy this movie. There's too many sci-fi inconsistencies. I love sci-fi but I will never be one of those people that think the rules of teleportation from movie A have to apply to unrelated and written by someone else movie B. But I loved this movie. I think Rachel Bilson is one of the most boring and pathetic actresses ever. But I loved Hayden.

Second, at the prompting of my father, I went to go see "The Bucket List." If you haven't seen a good movie with a good ending and a good plot and good acting and good clean everything in a long time, this is the movie. So worth it. I loved everything about this movie. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman really are two of the best actors ever, and live up to their reputations in this movie. I don't buy many movies. In fact, I almost never buy movies. But I will be buying this one and adding it to my tiny collection soon. The last 20 minutes of this movie do require a Kleenex. Also, try not to be drinking anything during the last 20 minutes. You may laugh so hard your Diet Coke comes out your nose. And you won't have a napkin. (Not that anyone else was around to prove that I did that.)

Third, the best reason of them all to go see a movie this weekend- the Indiana Jones trailer is out and on the big screen. Yes, we have all seen it on our computers by now. But to see it on the big screen with THX sound quality? Worth the $5.50 for the movie ticket. I even clapped and cheered when I heard the infamous- doot-da-doot-doo, doo-doo-doo, come on.
And you'll probably get just as excited as I did to watch the trailer again. Embedded here for your convenience.

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  1. Awesome. I really want to see The Bucket List. And I hadn't seen the Indiana Jones preview yet. We just got the trilogy for Christmas.


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