Monday, February 04, 2008

I take it back. Apparently there are still more trials I can go through.

Shortly after my post on Saturday, feeling confidant that I could not possibly have one more trial and test thrown at me at once, C threw up (Juli's daughter). A few hours after that, A began a 2 day stomach flu contest. And just a few hours after that, I joined in the contest. Poor Juli is now the nurse to her head cold fighting husband, 1 very sick daughter, and me. (C is over her bug and doing just fine. Except maybe suffering from severe boredom while surrounded by sick people.) I spent the majority of Sunday in the E.R. The pain from the stomach flu and kidney/liver pain were just too much to handle. 3 IV bags and 3 shots later, they sent me home, where I slept fitfully for over 12 hours. I predict A and I will be spending most of the day on the sick couch.

So now for nothing more than my utter amusement that would be-
1. Long term kidney/liver illness.
2. Job change (today should have been my last day at work, tomorrow is my first day)
3. Moving
4. Car accident
5. First ever real ER trip and massive stomach flu.

All in the same week.

Part of me wants to scream out, "BRING IT ON GOD!!" But the other part of me knows better than to tempt fate like that.

I was talking to my sister this morning and she said, "Is this flu worse than what we got when you came to visit last year?" And for 2 blissful seconds I couldn't remember that miserable experience. So I checked my blog to see what I said about that last year. Almost exactly a year ago is when I lost my job and went out to Utah to visit my sister. And somewhere along the way caught a horrible stomach bug. But what I'm really thinking about is how much life has changed since then. Never would I have guessed back then that I'd be going onto my second job in UT in less than a year, Juli would be living here, and Natalie would be living in Reno. Talk about things changing. Is it any wonder that I feel so overwhelmed and exhausted?

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