Thursday, February 21, 2008

just another girl in utah that felt the earthquake today

I think it probably made it across the news pretty well by now that we had an earthquake here in Utah this morning. I survived. It wasn't scary or a big deal.
But it got me thinking. I have now been through a hurricane (actually several big ones), an earthquake, a windstorm, full blown blizzards, heat waves, and a few other things. And only once, during Hurricane Jeanne in FL, did I ever feel like I was in danger. Pretty anti-climatic.
My version of this morning's earthquake? I had just woken up and was sitting on the toilet. All I thought was, "Woah, something's not right here." When I get migraines they always start with a "personal earthquake." And all I had time to think was that I really hoped I wasn't getting a migraine, but how odd it was that the towels were shaking. I got in the shower, and by the time I got out, the radio was calling it an earthquake. I was just glad it wasn't a migraine.
Seriously, very anti-climatic.
Now, if I could just survive the world's loudest and worst neighbors.


  1. I felt an earthquake in Virginia a few years ago....After Chile and a few tremors in Utah...I still didn't expect to feel an earthquake out here.

  2. I once experienced an earthquake in Nebraska. Yeah Nebraska!

    I was in grade school and my sister was dating a guy with a really loud motorcycle. As the knick-knack shelf on the wall started shaking we all thought that Kevin must have arrived... but then remembered that he was sitting on the couch with us!!

    In school, we had just finished a chapter on Earhquakes and the richter scale and I guessed the richter! My brother thought I was a stupid kid, but on the news that night they confirmed it... and my richter guess was right on!


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