Saturday, February 02, 2008

Like sands in an hour glass, so are the days of our lives

In the month of January I managed to -
1. Contract a very long term and painful illness
2. Get a new job
3. Move
4. Survive a birthday without too much mental trauma
5. And wreck my car.

Yeah, my car is suffering from a banged in front end. Thankfully no one was even remotely injured in the accident. Unfortunately, I was at fault for the accident. Fortunately, the cop did not give me a ticket. I hit the brakes a good stopping distance behind the car in front of me, but the unplowed and very snowy road didn't do me any favors. I crunched my passenger side front end right into the driver's side back end of a large van. I kid you not, the other car doesn't even have a scratch on it. Not even paint transfer, which is significant, because a good 8 inches of paint came off my car.

So now on top of the 2007 health insurance deductible ($500), the 2008 health insurance deductible ($500), (both for CT scans just a few weeks apart, but right over the New Year), new apartment deposit (TBD, but around $525), I now have a $500 car insurance deductible. Not to mention I need to buy quite a bit of furniture, a microwave, plus all those first time things you need in a new home, etc. I'm thinking of starting a charity in my name where people can donate to me. If there's any funds leftover I promise to donate them to hungry starving children somewhere. Maybe Africa.

The good news is I am only currently semi-homeless. I am living on an air mattress in Juli's short-term corporate housing apartment. It's not exactly the largest of living spaces, but we're making it work. And it is awfully fun to wake up to very excited little girls yelling, "Who loves Erin Ann jump in the bed!" And then getting lots of hugs and snuggles. It's hard to feel homeless when there's so many hugs.

And in other good news Juli and I went house hunting for me today and found a great condo to rent. I am in love with it and MUST have it. Unfortunately there is another application on the apartment already, so I'm second in line to get it. Please pray that the first person is a scummy awful beggar man who doesn't deserve it. I do have some back up plan ideas, but this place would be great. It's a one bedroom with w/d, dw, WIC, balcony, covered parking, etc. And at an amazingly affordable rent. The master bedroom is even already wired for cable. I'm in love. Oh and it is about 10 minutes max to my new office.

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