Thursday, February 14, 2008

She said as she collapsed with exhaustion onto her air mattress

Ch-ch-changes! (if you are on RSS feeds and can't see the embedded music clip, and have 3:55 minutes to spare, this is worth watching just for the ridiculous laugh when you realize what the video is really doing)

Needless to say, my life has been chock full of crazy changes lately. Moving, illness, new job, new ward, etc. I'm catching up and adjusting pretty well. I'm sure many of my upcoming posts will be about all of these changes. Tonight is one such post.

At the job I just left I was going crazy because I wasn't given any responsibility or trust. I was flat out told that I suck and that one of my bosses felt I had no talent at all. And I was told to "not think for myself" and to just do as I was told. (I'm happy to have left that life behind so we won't be rehashing my feelings on that subject.)

This is SO not the case with my new job. This job is all about ownership and just doing whatever it takes to impress someone, if not everyone. It's all about thinking up something new and original and putting yourself out there.

Things I would have been punished or fired for in my previous job.

Case in point, and actual quotes.

New job: Why don't you find out who is up for re-election, call them, and let's get some meetings in DC and see if we can do some of those campaigns? Oh, and let's contact some of the top lobbying firms in DC and pitch some contract work. Erin, you have those contacts, right?

Old job: We'll be doing another postcard mailing. Just like we did last time. Maybe this time it will work.

To say there is a bit of a difference in ownership, responsibility, and motivation these days is a huge understatement. I'm ready and wanting to rise to the occasion. But it is taking up serious energy! It's only 9:30 tonight and I'm already in bed (with my favorite space heater- my laptop), and thinking I'm too tired to get up and take out my contacts.

Gone like yesterday is the last year of just skating by and not having to put forth any effort or caring about anything. It is a good thing of course. I'm happy. (Although, I do miss "my boys" back at my old office. I made a cake last night and almost took it to work today to share and befriend people. But then I remembered we don't have a kitchen or anyone to talk to. So it's in my fridge, missing "my boys." Somehow though I am not surprised that my Cabana Boy would think to send me a Valentine's text. I think his chocolate cake radar went off and just knew there was a cake with his name on it.)

Here's to hoping all of the ch-ch-ch-changes are good ones. And that there is enough Diet Dr Pepper to get me through them all!

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