Sunday, March 16, 2008

Erin Go Bragh!

I got my hair cut today. I asked her to cut off 1 inch and trim up the layers. Instead... well, she cut off the layers, and about 2.5 inches, and gave me bangs. It's a bit of an unexpected change, but it's growing on me. And did I mention it took 3.5 hours for her to cut my hair?? I can't remember the last time my butt hurt that bad. On the bright side, I like the hair, and I read almost 200 pages in my current book.

I'm including this picture only because it is one of those rare times you can see my green eyes in a photo.

So I went up to Julipalooza's house for a spur of the moment trip to say hi to my favorite fairy god-daughters, take pictures of the new hair, and honor and age-old erinandjuli tradition, and visit Wal-Mart late at night. And then we ate the best Food of the Gods ever. Fresh, whole, fat, red strawberries dipped in whipped cream and nutella. DIVINE! And not all that unhealthy really.
And did I mention? Everyone loves an Irish Girl!


  1. jules5:18 PM

    The girls wanted their fairy godmother back when they woke up this morning. They were very upset you have to leave them and go back to real life.

  2. I love the hair! So cute.

  3. Yes- I agree- the hair looks hot on you! you are beautiful!!:)


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