Monday, March 31, 2008

Impromptu Weekend in Reno and Roseville

On Thursday I got it in my head that I really wanted to go see my nephews. So I did. I got off work at 5 pm, and drove straight to Reno, and then worked from "home" on Friday.

On Saturday Little Sisty Ugler and I decided to take Big T and Little D to Roseville, CA for a flea market. The Boys had learned from a tv show that flea markets are like treasure hunts, and therefore had to go to one.

First, we had to drive 2 hours from Reno to the Sacramento area. That involves going over Donner Pass. I decided to navigate Donner Pass while driving about 90 mph, down the side of a mountain, in a tiny little rental car we call the Tuna Can (my car, the beloved Vibe, has been at the auto body shop for over a week getting nearly $4,000 in repairs done all stemming from the tiny fender bender on Feb 1), while talking on the phone to a client, attempting to not sound stupid.
This is what Natalie thinks of my driving. And of me taking her picture while I'm driving down the side of a mountain.

Next, Little Sisty Ugler gave The Boys their own money to spend at the flea market. They both bought guns. Very noisy guns.

About this point we discovered this is not a fun, bohemian, outdoor air market. It's Little Mexico with an occasional Arabic furniture salesman. They will all chose to live in the US, and yet refuse to speak English or negotiate prices with anyone who does speak English.

But then we discovered the incredible farmers market, and the amazing variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I got a 5 lb bag of mandarin oranges for $3, and 3 lbs of strawberries for $2.

I also discovered that I still strongly dislike Mexican candy. I am sure that had I made it past the wretched chili paste layer, I would have enjoyed the "very mango" flavor. But alas, I just couldn't stomach anymore of the chili.

We also found one stand at the flea market selling small live animals. After a few minutes I realized these little guys were not intended to be pets. They were destined to be a pet's dinner. Natalie doesn't seem to realize this yet.

Now you should be asking yourself why I would want to drive all the way to Roseville, considering I had just driven 7.5 to Reno. The answer is simple. Natalie and I are Southern Girls from the East Coast. We believe in Spring. We believe in greenery. We believe in wildflowers and landscaping that involves nature other than rocks and tumbleweed.

In short, we were desperate to see something like this-
And I won't lie to you. I really wanted to eat this-

It was a great weekend.

Note to the Nevada Highway Patrol.

You didn't catch me when I did 90 mph for a good hour in the dark from Elko to Battle Mountain (sidenote to the genius who put the giant "BM" on the mountain- it looks ridiculous).
You didn't catch me when I got bored from Wendover to Elko and drove with my knees for nearly 20 minutes.
You didn't catch me driving over 90 mph down Donner Pass, in the snow, on a windy mountain road.
Which is why I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you gave me a speeding ticket for going 70 in a 65 mph speed trap.
Next time, give me a ticket for something that was actually stupid and reckless. But 70 in a 65? Seriously, that's just insulting!


  1. LOL! I loved the bit on the Nevada police! That is so funny!

    I used to live in Roseville when I first got married- we LOVED it there! What a fun adventure:)

  2. Thanks for the text message!

  3. NHP have brain damage. So does OHP. And the OPH tickets are EXPENSIVE! 200 for 5 miles over WTH?!?

  4. No way. I thought my family just had "sisty uglers."

    Anyway, good to run into you again through your blog. I enjoy your adventures. Hope all is well.


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