Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Latest Love- Facebook!

It may sound impossible, but my new job is all about social networking. I read blogs, use Facebook and MySpace, post on bulletin boards, and I get paid for it! As a result I have been growing my personal network on Facebook. And I have loved it!

Every day I look forward to seeing who has found me next. I am a bit overwhelmed at how many of my friends from my early childhood - high school have found me. Most of my 6th grade class has managed to reunite on Facebook. I laugh every time another adds me. And I confess, that sometimes I am shocked that the "cool kids" are adding me as a friend. I moved away after the 10th grade, so I didn't finish out high school and graduate with most of these kids. And it never ceases to amaze me that they recognize and/or remember me still.

Thanks to Facebook, I am now playing Scrabble almost every night with my best friend from 6th grade, comparing books with my high school crush (he never knew, probably still doesn't), and looking at pictures of the new baby of the guy that sat behind me in Algebra.

Let it be known, I had RAD hair in the 80's! This is my 7th grade school picture.

Just for fun, and because it has been a while since I have posted personal pictures, here are some quick pictures of what those Facebook friends remember!

This is 2 of my best friends, Heather and Val, and me in the 9th grade. Look at that hair! And my acid washed and pleated jean skirt!

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