Sunday, March 16, 2008

Super Diaper Baby and Captain Underpants

Every day without fail someone Googles "Super Diaper Baby and Captain Underpants" and finds this blog. I get hits on these tag words about 5-8 times a day, from all around the world. And today I would like to find out why.

About six months ago I posted this adorably cute picture of my nephews-

Now presumably when someone does a Google image search on these terms they are looking for a picture more like this one-

So why do they keep coming to my blog instead?
Here's what happens when you do a Google Image search. Click here to see. My nephews are the second highest hit out of hundreds. I discovered this a few days ago and called my sister to see if she was worried about privacy issues and protecting her kids. She wasn't worried. In fact, she agrees with me that it is a cute picture. But still, when people can clearly see my nephews are not the actual images, why are they clicking on them?
Which is why I am reposting this, knowing full well that this entry will get hits? Because I'm hoping some of you international Captain Underpants searchers will tell me what you were really looking for?? Is Capt UP more popular around the world than here in the States? And what are you going to do with these pictures?


  1. They probably think it's a cute picture, if they're familiar with the book. (If they're searching for the book, they're probably parents or kids themselves.) But that's just my best guess.

  2. Either for costume ideas- or I don't know- but I do know the my 7 year old is in LOVE with these books!!!


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