Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What Web 2.0 Technology Do You Have to Have?

My new job requires that I use a lot of Web 2.0 technology that I had only passingly experienced before. Some technology, such as RSS feeds, Google Blog Search, Technorati, and a few others I was already dependent on. But in the past month I've learned to love Del.icio.us, Google Page Rank, Google Analytics, and others as well. Oh, and Facebook is my new best friend. I live on Facebook. (And you are all welcome to add me on there! Just know that I use it for work and you will get invites to support my clients. And that I will eat you on the Oregon Trail and beat you at Scrabilous. Just ask me for my screenname in the comments section below, and I'll "moderate" it later.)

So I want to know- what technology, sites, widgets, buttons, gadgets, etc., can you not live without? What do you have to have? I need to expand my horizons and I'd love to know what you use.

Digg? Sphere it? (also one of my new favorites) MySpace? Classmates? What about news feeds? Who do you love? Where do you find new blogs? And how often do you click on banner ads or Google ads?


  1. Glad to hear that things are going well on the job front...would enjoy connecting with you no facebook...what is your screen name?

  2. erinannie17 at hotmail is the address i am under.and my full name- erin mc bride


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