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Heidi needs a Sr Java Software Engineer

(Heidi did me a big favor yesterday, so I'm returning the favor with this job posting for her.)

We are hiring a Sr. Java Software Engineer to help design and code web-based applications and websites that will be used by thousands of Church members and leaders. This individual will work on the next generation of very public applications such as stake/ward websites, stake/ward leadership applications, and content-rich websites delivered in multiple languages, across multiple delivery channels including web, mobil, and RSS. This individual must have the ability to rapidly investigate and evaluate new technologies, and implement them into sound architectures. They must be able to work on a highly-productive team pushing toward aggressive schedules to deliver exciting new solutions for members and leaders of the Church. The Church Information and Communication Systems department (ICS) has established a core set of technologies. This position will utilize the following technologies (…

Weekend, Exhaustion is Thy Name

Thursday 4 pm- get the go ahead to launch major project, start working fast and furious

Friday, 1 am- end crazy work, go to bed

Friday, 8 am- meet with new client

Friday, 10 am- meet with another new client

Friday, 12 noon- rush home, grab food, shower, pack, leave for Cedar City

Friday, 5 pm- arrive Cedar, meet up with road manager.

Friday, 5:30 pm- get to Jae's house. Begin adoring cute triplets, and catching up with old friend. Go to dinner with Jae and Brady.

There is something very comforting and relaxing to visit with a friend you have literally known your whole life. You don't have to "get to know" each other again. You just do know each other. There's no need for explanations. No need to worry about what they will think. You can remember what you looked like in your homely pre-teen years, and you are still friends. Nothing can really beat that.

Friday, 7:30 pm- get to Centrum Arena, watch Due West get TWO standing ovations! (Craig Morgan, the headliner, didn'…

Sunday Morning Shout Outs

I've decided to make it a weekly thing to do Sunday Morning Shout Outs. It seems like a fun way to start off the week, doesn't it? I hope you'll visit these friends and their sites and endeavors, if for no other reason than to just show love and support. We all love watching that Statcounter go up, don't we? And it never hurts to check them out and share the love with other potentially interested friends.

Dirtius Wifius and Dirtius Maximus have shirts entered in the shirt derby this week. To show a little friendly love and support, all you have to do is vote for their shirts. No obligation to buy- just vote!

Bertie has a new site called "Lose and Win FREE JEANS"- and how can you not want free jeans??

You can always check out The Hip Homemaker for great ideas and advice. Even singletons like me can enjoy this clever site!

I am still giving away free Mp3 music downloads for Due West. And I started a new blog for them. Check it out!

Photography by Keli is a …

Free Mp3 Download from Due West

It is almost difficult to explain how relieving and exciting it is to finally be able to launch my favorite client. First, it is exciting, because this is my baby, from beginning to end. I'm the one who approached them, had to sell them on my product, and then create the campaign and go for it. We had some completely crazy and unexpected setbacks, which makes it all that much more rewarding to finally launch this sucker. And to make it even more fun for me, I get to see the boys tomorrow when they open for Craig Morgan at SUU's Centrum Arena.
So, without further ado, legal problems, publisher's rights, timing problems, and who knows what else, I give you the Due West Widget! Even if you aren't a country music fan, I think you'll still like "Sweet Gravity." It is country, with a lot of crossover appeal. (At least in my incredibly biased opinion.) And for the next 4 weeks you can download the song for free via the links in this widget.

I don't plan to ask…

Home Sweet Home

I worked from home from 3-8 today. My apartment was trashed. The living room had stuff strewn all over the floor (pictures, pictures in frames, frames with no pictures, DVDs with no place to go, etc). So of course this would be the time the bishopric from my family ward would choose to stop by unannounced. I won't even tell you how bad I looked, but I wasn't much more cleaned up than the floor. Oh, and did I mention my new drapes were draped over the floor, as I was contemplating how to put the drape rod up over the sliding glass door without a chair or a ladder? Classy.
I made the appropriate small talk with the bishopric, whose names I still don't know. And as usual they asked "is there anything we can do for you?" as they left. They looked stunned when I said yes. I bought an entertainment center yesterday at Ikea, but the box was too heavy for me to lift alone. So I put them to work hauling it from my car to my 3rd floor apartment for me. They looked strained.

No Sleep Till (. . .) Brooklyn!

Does anyone else sing this song to themselves when faced with a crazy work week ahead?

I just have to figure out how to do about 60 hours worth of work before leaving town

And Did Butt Crunches At My Desk

I justified not hitting the treadmill or bikes tonight because I walked through Ikea for over an hour. Does anyone have a problem with that?

My Special Skill is Putting My Fist in My Mouth

Yesterday I was walking through a loud, noisy mall, and a blind man held open a door for me. And then he moved to the next door and opened and held it open for me again. I was wearing tennis shoes and I wasn't clodding about. I walked rather quietly. 24 hours later, I'm still amazed at his abilities.
(I hope that doesn't make me sound narrow or small minded. I truly am impressed with ability.)

Mad Libs Widget!

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Mad Libs, I give you the Mad Libs widget.
Warning: Highly addictive and may cause you to get distracted from work.

Random Thoughts

I can't sleep tonight, so I'm killing time online. My kidney pain has been back and bothering me for about a week now, and tonight it is really getting to me. I've done everything I can to distract myself from it, but it's hard to ignore the pain when I'm trying to fall asleep. Instead I am wide awake, so I figured, why not blog?
Random thoughts going through my head-
1. American Idol- Kristy finally left us. I wasn't surprised to see Brook in the bottom 3, but I was stunned to see Syesha there. Andrew Lloyd Webber is next week. I can't wait to see those performances. Syesha, Brook, and David A will naturally do great. And it will be interesting to see what the others pull off.
2. My One Year Anniversary- In just a few more days it will be my one year anniversary in Utah. I can't believe how much my life has changed in the past year. It's strange to think that I have been here this long already. Things certainly didn't go as expected once I got her…

American Idol

I haven't done my recaps of American Idol this season like I have in the past. But I loved tonight's episode so much, that I have to!
First, it was Mariah Carey night. And to be honest, I don't care much for Mariah's songs. Which is why the fact that I loved Idol tonight was so crazy.

David Archuleta- "When You Believe"- I don't know what the Mariah version sounds like, cause I don't know her songs. He did a good job, but as usual, he made it sound like any other song he sings. I like David and respect he has incredible talent. But... he's no Idol. In 2 years from now he'll be the next Clay Aiken, singing Christmas hits and inspirational tunes. And belting them really loudly.

Carly Smithson- "Without You"- this one I did know. Mariah has that huge and airy voice jumping octaves. Carly has this deep heavy low voice. So she changed up the song, and it was good. But it wasn't fantabulous.
But then again, it was incredible compared to th…

Saying Something Nice

I thought today I would do something different and shine the light on my friends for a change, and encourage you to check out their online endeavors.

Bertie is giving away free jeans- with a bit of a catch.

Heather and Brent have t-shirt designs in a derby at If you vote on them, and they win, they make good money.

Cousin Tami is a tutor. And right now you can get 50 minutes of tutoring for $1. Go to and enter in her code TCISR50M

Other cousin Jonathan and his fabulous wife Sarah have an amazing photography business, Vantage Pictures. J is one of the best photographers I have ever seen. And I'm not just saying that cause I am biased.

My favorite band and client (shh- don't tell the other clients), Due West, has a new song and video up on their MySpace and Facebook pages. And in a few more days, barring anymore bizarre legal complications, I will have a new website up for them, and a free mp3 download.

Laurie has a fun website called the Hip HomeMaker. It's fo…

Bored and Frustrated

I'm bored and frustrated, as the title bar says. I get this way on Sundays frequently. I have NOTHING to do. No place to go, no one to visit, NOTHING to do. So by the end of Sunday I'm just bored out of my mind and wishing I could just go to sleep and make tomorrow come faster.
Except I have nothing to do all week either. Nothing to get excited for or look forward to. And that frustrates me even more. It's just another week where all I have to do is work. And quite frankly, I'm not supposed to be working as much as I do (I work billable hours, and I'm not supposed to work more than a client is worth). As pathetic as it may seem, I get so bored when I get home from work that I just start working again. And I'm pretty sure that has a lot to do with why I burn out so easily.
It's the fact that there is no end in sight to the boredom. I'm stuck in a low finances- high boredom situation that won't be changing any time soon. And I'm not good at this. I&…

Pain in the Neck

I can't move my head.
It all started as a minor pain in the neck. No, seriously. I had this small little aching pain in my neck this week. Probably just a stiff neck from the unfortunate lopsided bed situation (see below for details). And now, I can't move my head, and it hurts to open my jaw.
I blame Juli.
Or maybe Mike.
Or Keli.
Or all three.
Or that comedian guy who made me laugh so hard I popped my jaw.

Tonight I ventured north to Ogden with BFF Juli, her sister Keli, and Keli's husband Mike. I've known Keli and Mike for years now. Jules and I go back about 11 years now, so naturally I've been meeting her siblings along the way. (Although I still haven't met them all.) But the most important thing to know here is that Mike was my first blog friend. Really. He was the first person I ever linked to, and that linked to me. We're special that way.

Mike performs and emcees at Wiseguys, a local comedy club. I've seen portions of Mike's act on his blog for yea…

Who Knew? Hulu!

I don't believe I have professed my love for on my blog yet. At least not in the way Hulu deserves to be honored and respected. Hulu is a completely free - and legal- website where you can watch tv shows and movies. There are commercials, but they are only 15 seconds, and way less annoying than the commercials on network websites.
My love for Hulu comes from watching nearly the entire second season of Battlestar Galactia online, in my bed, last weekend. It also comes from missing last night's returning new episode of "The Office." My DVR was set incorrectly and didn't record it. I thought I would cry. Until I realized today that it was already posted on Hulu. So now, if you haven't seen the hilarious vasectomy scene, you can! (And you should.)
It doesn't have every show ever on there yet. But it does have old and new series of BSG. And it has the X-Files- the movie and some fun clips. It doesn't have Freaks and Geeks yet, which is a point again…

4 days without a blog? 5 days? WHAT?

Sometimes I'm just too busy to blog. Or just not interesting enough to have anything to share. Or both.
So I shall share some Erin Free Random Thoughts at you instead.

1. Two weeks after I pay out the butt to have my power windows fixed on my car, Pontiac issues a massive recall to fix the power windows on my car.

2. Sometimes my little ideas for business development turn into massive insane projects involving lawyers. And they make me laugh. Not the lawyers. Just the insanity of the projects.

3. I hate how in Utah (and supposedly other high altitude locales) everything I cook boils over and on to the stove. And I hate how I never remember to put butter or olive oil in the pot before it boils over.

4. I am looking for volunteers to be public case examples (not studies) for a "healthy habits lifestyle" for one of my clients. If you want 5 minutes of fame by going on his "healthy habits lifestyle diet" (that does not include crazy theories, pills, or random supplement…

Scary Movie

I saw my first scary movie tonight. (Sidenote- I've seen many Hitchcock movies. They don't count. They are different.) We're talking the stupid girl dies first kind of scary movie. And I survived. Sort of.
See, I have a stupid other problem. I've been borrowing a generously loaned fancy air mattress since moving. And this morning around 6 am I suddenly got bucked from my bed. Makes no sense, right? It's hard to explain. Basically the air mattress has ridges and seams. And around 6 am this morning, right in the middle of a decent dream, one of the seams burst. And what had been two ridges, is now one giant ridge. And it happened with so much force, that it seriously bucked me right out of the bed.
(Now we can add "buy new air mattress for generous friend" to my ever growing list of unexpected expenses.)
So now I'm sleeping on a very lopsided air mattress. I flipped it over, so now it's a little bit like a teeter totter air mattress.
So combine odd new …

My Inner 14 year old self is having a field day

The 14 year old me can't decide which of these she is more excited about-

(new kids on the block reunion on the today show) (and is it just me or did meredith viera call joey jordan?
or this-

(battlestar galactica returns tonight. what the frak is going on?)

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

38 years and counting!!

The Numbers Game

$500- deductible paid by me on my car this week
+ $216- for damages not covered by insurance or the deductible
+ $2750- how much insurance had to pay on my car this week
+ $114- how much I pay in insurance monthly (don't judge- I freely admit I speed- a lot!)
+ $150- for the ticket I owe Nevada Highway Patrol for speeding
+ $284- how much Arlington County, Virginia claims I owe them for having a car there 2 years ago for 2 months (I say BS!)
+ $305- monthly car payment
+ $15- weekly gas (let's hear it for the 4 mile commute to work! w00t!)

= Erin missing the DC metro system (and don't even try and tell me to try Trax. it's not even close.)

The Trouble With Bookcases Is

I have now lived in my new apartment for two months, as easily measured by the fact that I have to pay my rent for the third time. In the short and busy time I have lived here I have attempted to furnish my empty hole. And for the most part, I have failed in this endeavor. I have managed to buy a small loveseat that is a good starting point. And my friend generously gave me two end tables. I brought with me from Virginia my antique bench and beloved boomerang coffee table.
But that is where the furniture ends.
I am still borrowing a fancy air mattress (double decker with a motor thingy) from a friend. I have no bed. And I have no couch. And I have bookcases, but really wish i didn't.
Twice now I have gone out and purchased bookcases, or at least objects I believed to be bookcases. The first one I got home and assembled and discovered was anything but suitable for holding books. So I sold that quickly off on Craigslist. And then a few weeks ago I bought another bookcase while out shop…