Thursday, April 10, 2008

4 days without a blog? 5 days? WHAT?

Sometimes I'm just too busy to blog. Or just not interesting enough to have anything to share. Or both.
So I shall share some Erin Free Random Thoughts at you instead.

1. Two weeks after I pay out the butt to have my power windows fixed on my car, Pontiac issues a massive recall to fix the power windows on my car.

2. Sometimes my little ideas for business development turn into massive insane projects involving lawyers. And they make me laugh. Not the lawyers. Just the insanity of the projects.

3. I hate how in Utah (and supposedly other high altitude locales) everything I cook boils over and on to the stove. And I hate how I never remember to put butter or olive oil in the pot before it boils over.

4. I am looking for volunteers to be public case examples (not studies) for a "healthy habits lifestyle" for one of my clients. If you want 5 minutes of fame by going on his "healthy habits lifestyle diet" (that does not include crazy theories, pills, or random supplements), and are willing to do this with pictures and video on a blog, for the world to see, let me know. If you are white, live in Utah, and in your mid-30's, we're all full up on that demographic. Sorry.

5. The Office comes back to TV tonight. Halle-freaking-lujah.

6. I am tired of being online and looking at a computer all day.

Bye bye.

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  1. Sorry about the power windows on your car... is there any way to get reimbursed?
    There must be a way.


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