Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol

I haven't done my recaps of American Idol this season like I have in the past. But I loved tonight's episode so much, that I have to!
First, it was Mariah Carey night. And to be honest, I don't care much for Mariah's songs. Which is why the fact that I loved Idol tonight was so crazy.

David Archuleta- "When You Believe"- I don't know what the Mariah version sounds like, cause I don't know her songs. He did a good job, but as usual, he made it sound like any other song he sings. I like David and respect he has incredible talent. But... he's no Idol. In 2 years from now he'll be the next Clay Aiken, singing Christmas hits and inspirational tunes. And belting them really loudly.

Carly Smithson- "Without You"- this one I did know. Mariah has that huge and airy voice jumping octaves. Carly has this deep heavy low voice. So she changed up the song, and it was good. But it wasn't fantabulous.
But then again, it was incredible compared to this Bulgarian version-

Syesha- "Vanished"- Holy canoli, Batman. She's got pipes. She gave me chills. Because she's young and multi-racial, like Mariah, she'll be compared to her. But wow, she was good.

Brooke- "Hero- another one I know. She did an unplugged, piano, "singer-songwriter" kind of thing. It was very Brooke, and well done. But... this was the first time I didn't feel like Brooke was great. I voted for her because I don't want her to go yet, but my money is on her for getting the boot this week.

Kristy Lee- I don't know the song name, cause, hey, I don't know Mariah. She put a country twist on it. And it bugged the hell out of me. Adding an electric fiddle and a whining steal guitar does not make a song country. So I pretty much hated it. But I'll admit that it was one of her better jobs. Still sucked as a country song.

David Cook- "Always Be My Baby"- this song is pretty much known by everyone. But not the way David did it. You could barely even recognize it as the Mariah hit. David took it, twisted it, changed it, added violins, and made it an angry grunge rock love song, with a nearly DMB vibe. Unreal. He's the next Chris Daughtry. I love him. I almost hope he gets kicked off before winning the overall competition so he can be free to record (a la Chris Daughtry). Unfreakingreal. Watch it to believe it-

Jason-"I Don't Wanna Cry"- He's so cute and fun. But really, he's no Idol. Boring. Forgettable.

My predictions-
bottom 3- Carly, Brook, Jason

(If the You Tube clips don't work, I won't be surprised. They have been pulling the plug on some of the Idol clips, since iTunes has them for paid download.)

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