Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heidi needs a Sr Java Software Engineer

(Heidi did me a big favor yesterday, so I'm returning the favor with this job posting for her.)

We are hiring a Sr. Java Software Engineer to help design and code web-based applications and websites that will be used by thousands of Church members and leaders. This individual will work on the next generation of very public applications such as stake/ward websites, stake/ward leadership applications, and content-rich websites delivered in multiple languages, across multiple delivery channels including web, mobil, and RSS. This individual must have the ability to rapidly investigate and evaluate new technologies, and implement them into sound architectures. They must be able to work on a highly-productive team pushing toward aggressive schedules to deliver exciting new solutions for members and leaders of the Church.
The Church Information and Communication Systems department (ICS) has established a core set of technologies. This position will utilize the following technologies (but not limited to):
· Java/JSP/JSF
· Portal Server Software
· Spring, Hibernate, JPA
· Ajax
Ultimately, the success of the individual engineer is directly tied to the success of the engineering team. We need people that can focus on delivering high-quality solutions, quickly.
* Must be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, currently temple worthy.
* Exposure to a broad range of Java technologies, and able to contribute meaningfully to technology and product decisions.
* Must have 5 or more years of relevant experience
* Significant experience developing web applications and content-rich websites is preferred.
* Worked on large-scale enterprise application
* Able to comfortably apply and recognize design patterns in determining algorithms, design constructs and in making architectural decisions
* Proven ability to estimate the time to develop software features and then to deliver on that estimate
* BS/MS/PhD in CS or equivalent.
* Strong Java skills and object oriented design experience.
* Experience in database design and SQL.
* Experience with Portal Servers and Content Management are a plus.
* Knowledge of session management, object relational mapping, XML web services, and agile development methodologies desired.
Send resumes to: Heidi dot totten at parallelhr dot com

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  1. Hey Erinanne!

    Do you remember me? I was in the singles ward in Orlando with you. My husband (Brad) joined the church and then we got married. I don't remember how I came upon your blog the other day, but maybe more than coincidence...Brad's a sr. java software engineer currently working at LSU. I will show him this post. We've talked about working for the church before. He's not exactly looking for a new job at the moment, but you never know. He fits this job description almost too well. You can check out our blog at cupitchronicle.blogspot.com. You can also reach me by e-mail at marencupit dot yahoo - You have a great blog!


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