Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I worked from home from 3-8 today. My apartment was trashed. The living room had stuff strewn all over the floor (pictures, pictures in frames, frames with no pictures, DVDs with no place to go, etc). So of course this would be the time the bishopric from my family ward would choose to stop by unannounced. I won't even tell you how bad I looked, but I wasn't much more cleaned up than the floor. Oh, and did I mention my new drapes were draped over the floor, as I was contemplating how to put the drape rod up over the sliding glass door without a chair or a ladder? Classy.
I made the appropriate small talk with the bishopric, whose names I still don't know. And as usual they asked "is there anything we can do for you?" as they left. They looked stunned when I said yes. I bought an entertainment center yesterday at Ikea, but the box was too heavy for me to lift alone. So I put them to work hauling it from my car to my 3rd floor apartment for me. They looked strained.
But the good news is that I was then able to sit and watch American Idol (LOVED tonight's episode) while setting up the entertainment center. And now my living room is CLEAN and organized. It is far from being pretty. Very far. But the entertainment center, which is made of painted white metal/brass rails and glass, makes a huge improvement. I even hauled the TV and cable back into the living room for it. Until now I've had the tv and dvr sitting on an antique bench a few feet from my bed where I can see it without my glasses on (blind as a bat). So now my bedroom feels more bedroomy without odd electronics and cords on the floor, and my living room is starting to feel like a place I could spend some time.
I still need to get a couch, a better bookcase, and hang my pictures and movie collection posters on the walls. But the movie posters are still in safekeeping back in Virginia. Someday someone will finally send those to me. And until I have a couch and real furniture, it just seems awkward to hang the pictures.
But finally! I feel like this place is getting more home-like every day. Maybe later this week I'll get around to taking some pictures.
Next up- get a real bed.

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