Sunday, April 06, 2008

Scary Movie

I saw my first scary movie tonight. (Sidenote- I've seen many Hitchcock movies. They don't count. They are different.) We're talking the stupid girl dies first kind of scary movie. And I survived. Sort of.
See, I have a stupid other problem. I've been borrowing a generously loaned fancy air mattress since moving. And this morning around 6 am I suddenly got bucked from my bed. Makes no sense, right? It's hard to explain. Basically the air mattress has ridges and seams. And around 6 am this morning, right in the middle of a decent dream, one of the seams burst. And what had been two ridges, is now one giant ridge. And it happened with so much force, that it seriously bucked me right out of the bed.
(Now we can add "buy new air mattress for generous friend" to my ever growing list of unexpected expenses.)
So now I'm sleeping on a very lopsided air mattress. I flipped it over, so now it's a little bit like a teeter totter air mattress.
So combine odd new sleeping situation with scary movie, and you can pretty much assume that I'm going to have very strange and possibly scary dreams tonight.
Which is why I just took a very strong sleeping pill. So I don't have any dreams. The last thing I need is a gigantic eyeball attacking me on the teeter totter tonight.


  1. Hi Erinannie,

    Saw your post on Twitter - I'm tracking references to country music using tweetscan. Depending upon what you are doing for your client - Twitter can be an absolutely amazing tool!

    Anyway - if you dig Country music - you might very well dig Kelli - the music ismore blues / rock - but with a very Country feel and the lyrics are of course the center of the song.

    We're just launching with a live EP (we did a few covers for th booking agent) - you can hear them here:

    see what you think of can't!

    Wishing you all the very best and a new mattress!


  2. I don't do scary movies. YIKES!


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