Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Trouble With Bookcases Is

I have now lived in my new apartment for two months, as easily measured by the fact that I have to pay my rent for the third time. In the short and busy time I have lived here I have attempted to furnish my empty hole. And for the most part, I have failed in this endeavor. I have managed to buy a small loveseat that is a good starting point. And my friend generously gave me two end tables. I brought with me from Virginia my antique bench and beloved boomerang coffee table.
But that is where the furniture ends.
I am still borrowing a fancy air mattress (double decker with a motor thingy) from a friend. I have no bed. And I have no couch. And I have bookcases, but really wish i didn't.
Twice now I have gone out and purchased bookcases, or at least objects I believed to be bookcases. The first one I got home and assembled and discovered was anything but suitable for holding books. So I sold that quickly off on Craigslist. And then a few weeks ago I bought another bookcase while out shopping with Juli. The first sign of trouble was when it took both of us to lift the box to get it in my car. The next sign was when it sat in my car for 2 weeks until I could talk my cousin into coming over to carry it up the stairs for me. And the third sign of trouble was when I read the assembly instructions and warning that said it may tip over. And there was an extra piece to secure it to the wall to prevent it from falling over.
So I assembled it and realized that in spite of triple tightening the screws and double checking everything, that it was very wobbly. But I got it up and put it by the wall, and chose not to put any books in it. I figured I should give it a few days to see if it was even going to stand on its own. Each night I have gone to bed expecting to be woken up by a tremendous crash.
That was a week ago. When I got back from Reno this weekend and found it still standing, I decided to put books in it. Remembering the warning and extra securing piece, I attempted to first secure it to the wall. That didn't happen when I realized that it's pretty much impossible to get that stupid screw into the bookcase without a precut hole.
So the books went in.
And came right back out.
No sooner did Harry Potter vol 7 go in than the entire bookcase swayed heavily to one side, threatening to decapitate me.
So all of the books quickly came out. And then, the entire bookcase swayed again (though empty) and fell right on over.
Conveniently, it broke in two. So now I have half a bookcase that sort of kind of works as a bookcase. Except that I'm afraid to put anything in it, and the new height doesn't really fit for what I had envisioned in the room. And it doesn't even hold half of my books now.
Back to the drawing board.


  1. What the? Where are you buying these bookcases? I want to know so that I can keep the heck away!

  2. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Target has some really nice solid bookcases. They cost a little more (I just got two 3-shelvers for $70 each) but wow, they're solid, and pretty, too.

    Also, did you know that the DI sells NEW beds? Something like $100 for a firm single mattress and box spring, untouched by any other sleeping body. That's where I got my bed when I moved to Seattle, after sleeping uncomfortably for a month and then sleeping on the couch for way too long (because I found a good couch before I found an affordable bed).

  3. Strangely enough, the air mattress I am sleeping on is fantastic. It's why I keep forgetting to put more effort into buying a bed. But I did see the DI new beds. I really like them. The carved wood style is actually what I am looking for. But without a truck, friends with trucks, or very many friends in the area at all, I'm finding it next to impossible to buy a bed in my price range and get it up to my third floor apartment.
    I predict that with my end of April paycheck I finally cave and go buy something from a fancy store that delivers and assembles for you.

  4. WOW! You have had quite the experience with bookshelves!! I love how you describe it:) LOL!


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