Friday, April 11, 2008

Who Knew? Hulu!

I don't believe I have professed my love for on my blog yet. At least not in the way Hulu deserves to be honored and respected. Hulu is a completely free - and legal- website where you can watch tv shows and movies. There are commercials, but they are only 15 seconds, and way less annoying than the commercials on network websites.
My love for Hulu comes from watching nearly the entire second season of Battlestar Galactia online, in my bed, last weekend. It also comes from missing last night's returning new episode of "The Office." My DVR was set incorrectly and didn't record it. I thought I would cry. Until I realized today that it was already posted on Hulu. So now, if you haven't seen the hilarious vasectomy scene, you can! (And you should.)
It doesn't have every show ever on there yet. But it does have old and new series of BSG. And it has the X-Files- the movie and some fun clips. It doesn't have Freaks and Geeks yet, which is a point against it. But it does have Scrubs and SNL. Another show most people haven't seen yet because it is on Sci Fi is "Eureka," which you can see on Hulu. If you are a sci fi comedy fan, you will enjoy Eureka. And if, heaven forbid, you missed the 2007 Westminster Dog Show, never fear, it too is on Hulu.
So basically, if you haven't discovered Hulu yet, I think you should. My only regret is that it wasn't around yet when I was so sick and stuck in bed with Horatio. It could have saved me some serious time and energy and money getting DVDs.
I'm such a fan now of Hulu that I am going to cancel my Netflix account, just as soon as I have finished watching all the episodes of Freaks and Geeks. (I only started this week. How have I never seen this show before? It's so good! I have the strangest crush on the little brother - the one that now has the recurring role on Bones. I love that guy, as nerdy as he is.)
So go try it out.


  1. Marcus was dang funy. I'm still laughing.

    And he's much better looking with all that hair buzzed off.

  2. I LOVE Freaks and Geeks. I'm sad that there was only one season of it, but as story arcs go, it's a pretty perfect arc and stands quite nicely as the one season.

    I also LOVE Eureka. Definitely worth watching for anyone who hasn't heard of it before. Even if you don't like SFF (who doesn't? c'mon!) I think you'll like the characters.


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