Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Juli!

Happy Birthday Jules! You have supported me through more crap in the last 11 years than I can even begin to recount. I couldn't ask for a better BFF. Just think, we're only legally obligated to stay friends for 18 more years, and you won't have to hand over your first born to anyone. (Although, I'm willing to take the first or second born off your hands anytime. I am rather fond of them.)

For the rest of the world, here's some of the incredible ways Jules has been there for me this year-
1. listened to more phone calls about useless guys than either of us could ever count
2. let me live in her living room for a week
3. took me to the emergency room even though her own kids were sick, and she was getting sick as well
4. has subjected herself to public humiliation by participating in a guinea pig program for my clients
5. has convincingly faked interest in all of my clients
6. even listened to country music to support me (and if that isn't love, i don't know what is)

I think I should stop this list before I miss something huge and obvious. Because I'm pretty sure I will miss something huge and obvious. I always do. But that's where she's great. She remembers things I live in denial about.

Happy Birthday, Jules! I'm very excited for our big day tomorrow!

Good Feeling

You know what is a good feeling? Hope. Just feeling like there are some good things on the horizon. Especially after long periods of feeling like nothing ever goes your way. Whether it is financial hope, romantic, or just the hope that maybe your kitchen will stay clean for a few days, hope is just a great feeling.
Right now it's all of the above for me. The brakes on my car are fixed, which in an odd way is a financial hope. As in I am hoping I won't be dealing with that again for a while. There's actually happy hopeful feelings in the romance department. If nothing else, there's 1, maybe even 2, guys that make me smile. And my whole apartment is clean. And that is a great feeling.
So in spite of the fact that Horatio is kicking the crap out of me tonight, I'm going to bed happy and hopeful.
And hopeful is good.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Special Day in Every Girl's Life

There's a special day in every girl's life. The day she goes to the mailbox and gets the one thing she never thought she'd get.
Her very own AARP card, so she can make the most of life over 50.

I also got 3 Prevention magazines in the mail today. I'm not sure what to say!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

LDS Bloggers Needed

If you are a blogger, and want to review an LDS film, let me know by emailing me (erinm at cobaltcg dot com) your blog link, and how many people you estimate/know read your blog a week. And your mailing address where we can send you the DVD.

Only 2 criteria required to review this movie-

1. You can follow simple directions
2. You actually watch the whole movie and review it.

(it's amazing to me how many people volunteer to get the free movie, and then never review it.)

We'll pick and choose blogs to give it to based on our own totally biased criteria. Pretty much its nothing more than, "did they follow the directions?" and "do they have more than 5 readers a week?"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More from Reno

Just a few more pictures to wrap up the Reno weekend.

Is there anything cuter than a boy and his dog?

Ruby has an ear infection, but because she went and got herself knocked up she can't take the antibiotics. So she's stuck wearing the collar for a while until her ear clears up. When she has the collar on she refuses to make eye contact with anyone.

Unlike Ruby, Porter enjoys wearing her collar. He calls it his trash can.

Moments after this picture was taken he got the collar stuck around his head. And not unlike Ruby there was serious weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth until it was removed.

The skate park was fun in spite of dark scary skies.

This picture was taken specifically to show the contrast of the Cotton Top against the black sky.

A quick trip to Costco turned into a maze crawl through the cat scratch carpet thingys. Who knew there was so much adventure and fun to be had at Costco?

And naturally Super Diaper Baby made an appearance.

So long my cute little men.

Discovery Park Reno

Between shopping, skate parks, and nudist camps, we also found time to visit the Discovery Park in Reno. The park boasted a "working mine" where you could pan for gold, a petting zoo, a log flume, and oh so much more. Apparently you just couldn't do most of that on the day we were there. In spite of claiming to be the grand opening for the season over the holiday weekend, they hadn't yet opened most of their exhibits. Maybe next time...

One of the highlights of the park was the so-called working mine. It had slides going from floor to floor (and regular stair cases). Porter saw the slide from the outside, and ran like a mad man screaming "SLIDE!!!!!!!!" to get there. Once we got inside and he saw how dark, steep, and strange it was, he immediately declared, "I SCARED!" and wouldn't go near it. But as soon as he saw his mother climb in, he climbed right on top of her and went down the slide.

I should mention here, it's a little bit strange getting into a pitch dark slide that you have no idea how steep, long, curvy, etc it is. I knew it was for kids so it couldn't be that bad, but still! This was all of my fears wrapped into one little orange slide- falling, darkness, and speed all combined. Not my idea of a good time. BUT! I did it. And I lived.

(And yet again, Blogger is making the picture of me sideways. Go figure.)

As did my nephews, who tried it about 50 times each.

And here's Porter emerging from the underground slide. If you look closely you'll see Natalie's feet up in the slide still. Going down the slide with Porter meant getting stuck.

After the novelty of the slide wore off we went to the log flume. For some reason I thought it would be funny to talk Tell into riding solo on the flume. And he did it!

I attempted to talk Dallin into it, but he wouldn't go totally solo. But he did ride in his own seat with his dad in the car.

Natalie and Porter went first. Porter liked it so much that he threw a full blown fit when it was time to get out. So he got to go again in Aunt Erin's lap. But the picture of that is on my sister's camera, so you'll just have to believe me. He was cute about it. No fears, no problems. Until we go to the top of the ride and were just about to go down. He suddenly tried to get out of my lap and sit on the bottom of the log instead. I had to hold him tightly to keep him in the seat. When we got to the bottom he exclaimed his trademark Porter "WOAH!"

After the flume we posed with a dinosaur, and then headed home.

And got In and Out Burgers. Because I do that.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Reno and the Nudists

I just spent 3 days in Reno visiting my sister and her family. We had a lot of fun from skate parks to shopping to nudist colonies to dinosaurs and panning for gold. Wondering how we fit all of that in in just 3 days? Let's just say little boys have a lot of energy.

My round up of the weekend is going to be completely out of order. I'm sure you'll get over it.

On Saturday Natalie declared she wanted to go to the hot springs and go swimming. She looked up a few places online. One was a state park about 3 hours north of Reno and cost $5/person, the other was a private resort about 1 hour away. We compared admission versus gas money, and opted to go with the private resort (which cost $15/person). We loaded up the car with 4 little boys (her 3 boys, plus their cousin), and Steve, Nats, and me, and headed off for middle of nowhere California.

It was an overcast, chilly but warm day. The resort was in a heavily wooded mountainous area- good for hot springs. When we arrived the first thing I noticed was the crazy number of volkswagons in the parking lot. Next I noticed the pretty flowers. Here's one of them.

The resort was a large plantation style home in the woods. After an hour in the car the four little boys needed to be herded straight to the bathroom. That's where I noticed the communal kitchen, and women not wearing bras. Lots of true hippies. We paid for our 3 hour pass and hiked up the trail to the "kid friendly" pool.

Now, at this point we did note that the signs said "swimsuit optional." But we figured if it was kid friendly the swimsuits would be more required than optional, right?

Heh heh. Not so much.

Here's the boys posing in front of the sign to the trail head.

And here's the building in front of the pool.

Where I walked up, looked in the window, looked at the hot tub inside, and saw lots of naked people.

Lots of them.

We walked AROUND the building, not through it, and looked at the pool. There were 2 kids (fully clothed- seriously- not just in bathing suits, but shirts too) in the pool, and several adults. And... well, it was unclear how many articles of clothing the adults were wearing.

But one thing was clear. Our brood of little boys was not going to be welcome in this special sanctuary.

Another thing became abundantly clear. Out little boys were not very happy that we had just dragged them an hour into the woods to NOT get into the pool. And needless to say, no one felt like explaining the naked problem to them.

But, hey, look, there's a random bathtub sitting in the woods filled with hot springs water. It's a little hard to tell from this picture, but it is full of water.

Let's throw the little boys in there and call it swimming.

Tell and Steve took off for a little hike in the woods. Their hike lead them to another hot spring, where swimsuits were not required OR optional. Tell has since declared that he never wants to see another naked lady. Ever.

In the meantime, the 3 little guys were finding the bathtub in the woods an interesting anomaly.

I think the best quote of the day came from Grady. "Natalie, is this what we got excited for?" Um, not really.

My attempt at an action shot. If you look, you can sort of see that Porter has just landed another "CANNONBALL!" into the tub. All 3 of them tried this repeatedly before determining it just wasn't that much fun after all.

Natalie's attempting to get her money's worth out of this adventure.

And this is me showing off the new swimsuit, sandals, and cover up I had bought just for this trip. On the bright side, it's still nice and new, and has never been wet. I have no idea why Blogger is making the picture sideways again. If you look beyond my sideways pastiness, you can see the beautiful mountain view beyond. It really was a lovely place.

After the boys had pretty much emptied the tub of water and cleaned it thoroughly, we headed back home.

Steve is happy because we got our money back.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures from our other adventures.

Oops, I forgot

I just realized I forgot to post something for the Sunday Morning Shout Outs this week.

I think they are the same as all the other weeks, but I could use an extra shout out for myself and Due West today.

Click this- - and you'll help us get their new song played on Clear Channel radio across the country.


Greetings from the Reno airport

Sometime later this morning I will get home and take a very long nap. After that, I will wake up, go grocery shopping, clean my apartment, take another nap, and then probably get around to posting some pictures about my weekend.
And telling you the story about how my sister took us to a nudist colony this weekend.
And then you will laugh.
A lot.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Indy Meets National Treasure Meets the X-Files?

Tonight I got the rare chance to go to a private screening of Indiana Jones. A friend of a friend rented out an entire theater for a private screening. I think in the future I want to see all movies this way. The theater has a very fun energy and vibe to it when everyone is chatting beforehand and excited to see each other. JennC- thanks for inviting everyone. It was great!

Now, for the move itself. I had heard that some reviews were negative, but the only review I actually read myself said something like it is what it is, an Indy film. And that was exactly right. It had the classic Indy quips and one-liners, and all the classic lines that you wanted to hear, "I HATE snakes." (Truth be known, I, too, hate snakes, with more than just a little passion. I DESPISE and FEAR snakes. And this snake scene made me scream and cover my eyes. My friends laughed as much at me as at the scene I think.) They also threw in another classic line from a different George Lucas-Harrison Ford movie. But I won't spoil that for anyone else who will laugh as hard as I did when I heard it.

All in all, I was not disappointed at all. It was exactly what I was hoping for- unbelievable plot and consequences, crazy stunts, insane deaths, romance, humor, and more. My short synopsis? It's Indiana Jones meets National Treasure meets the X-Files. And as for Shia LeBeouf, I hope the rumors about him carrying on the Indy torch/whip are true. I think he's the perfect successor to the whip.

"Goodbye Doctor Jones."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Want to read a funny story about my lunch today?

here's the teaser...

Lunch with Heidi and Sara
$100 bill
Scuzzy guys
True blog moments

For the story click here.

Only 1 day left to download!

What I Don't Get

In today's Washington Post there is a quick recap of the John Bloxham conviction for murdering Todd Rogers. You can read it here. It is actually on page 2 of the recap.

On that same page there is a recap of the conviction of a man who murdered a cab driver. He received a 73 year sentence for first degree murder. Presumably robbing and murdering a cab driver, is not pre-meditated. (For those who are about to argue that he brought a weapon, and therefore it is pre-meditated, please stop and realize that pre-meditation requires intent to kill a specific person in a specific way. Presumably, he did not specifically target this exact cab driver.)

But John was only given 35 years for what was an elaborately planned and executed plot over several months to stalk, slander, libel, and eventually murder. It was most certainly pre-meditated.

Does this bother anyone else? One person gets 73 years for what is perceived to be a crime of selfish convenience, while the person who set out with an agenda to ruin lives for selfish jealousy, only gets 35?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My new alarm clock

I've made an interesting discovery. The sprinklers in my neighborhood turn on at 11 pm. They make a beeping sound before the start.
Why does this matter to me?
The beeping is my cue to stop working and get ready for bed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Idling for Idol

I have consistently been a David Cooke fan all season. I have voted more for him than for anyone else. But tonight, my vote goes to Archuleta. Both were great tonight. I think both deserve to win. So maybe I just shouldn't vote? I can't decide.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am what I am, and that's all that I am, and all that I want to be

Sometime last week (who knows when it actually was, the past 3 weeks are nothing but a blur), Heidi sent me this link to an article entitled "Marry Him!" Now, I'll be honest, I won't read most articles sent to me on any subject regarding singles or marriage. Why? No two people are the same, no two relationships are the same. And most of the people who do send me such articles are not people I care to take relationship advice from. Why? I wouldn't want to be in a relationship like theirs, and therefore, don't take their advice. Or even though they may have good intentions, they don't know what it is like to be LDS, single, and in your 30's.

That all being said, Heidi does get what it is like to be LDS, single, and in your 30's. And she's married to a guy I knew when he was single, and they have a very happy and great relationship now. So I'll pay attention when Heidi has something to say on the subject, or sends a link. (**update, Heidi has clarified that she didn't endorse the article. she was just passing it on for the sake of discussion.)

(no offense to all those people who think i am listening)

The article, "Marry Him!," is a case for why you should settle. It is written from the point of view of a woman who chose to artificially inseminate to fulfill her dream of having a child. She is not yet married. Her whole point is that you may as well settle, because men only go downhill from here.

Or in her words-
My advice is this: Settle! That’s right. Don’t worry about passion or intense connection. Don’t nix a guy based on his annoying habit of yelling “Bravo!” in movie theaters. Overlook his halitosis or abysmal sense of aesthetics. Because if you want to have the infrastructure in place to have a family, settling is the way to go. Based on my observations, in fact, settling will probably make you happier in the long run, since many of those who marry with great expectations become more disillusioned with each passing year. (It’s hard to maintain that level of zing when the conversation morphs into discussions about who’s changing the diapers or balancing the checkbook.)
She essentially continues on to say that single women are forced into finding fulfillment in their careers, which (in her opinion) are not actually fulfilling. But even a man who isn't Prince Charming can give you things (a bedmate and child) is slightly more fulfilling.

If you want to know what else she says, you'll have to go read the article. Cause from here on down, you are going to be reading what I think on the subject.

I call B.S.

Sorry, but i'm a Type A, go-getter, Red/Yellow, ENT-P personality. Do you honestly really believe I am going to SETTLE? Or that I could want a man who isn't as equally driven and challenging as I am? I would be miserable with anything less.

I say WTH?? Why would anyone want to settle? I could never be the kind of woman who wants to have a companion so badly that I would settle for less than someone who excites and exhilarates me. And I feel sorry for anyone who is so lonely that they believe they have to settle for less than what makes them happy just to say they did get married.

I firmly believe you can have it all. You don't have to get married and have a man to find happiness. You have to set your own goals in front of you and decide what will make you happy. Why the hell would you want to make one of those goals, and all your happiness, determinant upon something you can't control, like finding a man??

If finding a man and getting him to love you is the only thing that can bring your life fulfillment and happiness, God be with you and good luck with that one. For me, my happiness will be predicated on achieving goals I can reach on my own. I'm not going to waste my time in depression and sadness because I haven't met a man. I can't control a man. I can be the best I can ever be (and I will and believe I am working hard on that), and that still won't make some man magically appear.

So why would I want THAT to be the thing that holds up my happiness??

I'll be happy on my own terms, thank you. I will be happy with my accomplishments and achievements. I will be happy by serving others and finding ways to make them happier. I will be happy with the things that I am in control of. And will not waste one minute of my time pining away for something I cannot control.

To those people who believe that settling, just so you can have something, even if it isn't what you really want, because someone told you you can't be happy unless you are married, well, good luck to you. I hope that you do find happiness in that.

But as for me?

I don't think so.

Sunday Morning Shout Outs

Let's shout out for Sunday-

Anyone need a taser?

Vote for Dirt's Shirts.

Bertie's jeans.

And I'm giving myself a big shout out this week for my clients seen on the right of this page. In nothing short of amazing, I managed to get Clear Channel radio to pick them up for online rotation. But they only stay in the rotation with online demands. So I am begging and PLEADING with you, please just click right here, and just stay on the page long enough to get the music to play. Feel free to come back and click it all the time. Click early, click often!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I Can't Be Sure, But, I Think Something Cool Just Happened

I can't be sure. I really can't. But I just got home from a fun night out with the girls from work (more on that later), and turned on the radio. I was just putting around, doing whatever, and realized I was singing along to the radio. To one of my client's songs.
Why is this significant?
I've been working my butt off to get my client's song on the radio!!! But I'm so used to hearing the song over and over now, that even though I have been anxiously listening to the radio hoping to hear their song, I think it just came on and I didn't even realize it!!
But I can't be sure. Oh this is killing me!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Enlightenment- Moving at the Speed of Life

Several times lately I have heard old friends and family say to me that I am back in my element, or in the right place, or that I sound like the old me again. They almost all seem to be laughing when they say it, and I almost always sound exhausted or overwhelmed in the conversation.
It's a good feeling. But wow, I have no idea where this energy all comes from. Or where it used to come from. Or how to make sure I keep it.
If all goes well, I'm getting furniture next week sometime (um, I'll be in touch Laurie). And I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for a real bed. I need my sleep these days, and this broken air mattress and I are not getting along well.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Gems from the World of 0nline D@ting

Two more gems stood out at me today-

Guy #1- In response to preset question about what book he is reading. "A biography of Lou Gehrig. He was the baseball player who had the disease named after him."

Really? Cause I thought maybe he was the cousin of the guy who died from the disease, and that's how it got it's name.

Guy #2- Claimed to be 33, looks to be about 50, including the mustache and black leather jacket, who lists himself as sexually and morally conservative, and says he only drinks a "few times" a year.

"Things I can't Live Without"- Great sex, iPod, girls, women, martinis, and my motorcyle.

The only surprise in that statment was that he said women AND girls. I would have expected his mustache to make the list.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

David Archuleta Overload

I've mentioned a few times now that I live in the hometown of American Idol David Archuleta. This post is more for my mother and sister who have heard me complain about the traffic situation this week for his big "homecoming," and have heard me laugh and show some happiness at seeing my little town gather round and support one of their own.

The following pictures are all seen within 1-2 miles of my house.

"I'm thinking... David?"

City Government Building

Murray High School (rumor has it American Idol paid for the banner)

The walkway from the school to the seminary building.

Popular sub shop

Local car dealership practices a little copyright infringement for a good cause!

These were all taken while driving stick and talking to my sister on the phone. I am nothing if not the ultimate multi-tasker. I wasn't fast enough to get pictures of the Carl's Jr, McDonalds, and bank that also had signs out.

Sunday Morning Shout Outs

Okay, this will be a quick Sunday Morning Shout Out. As usual, it's not Morning anymore, and I'm anxious to get to my Sunday Nap. But time is of the essence regarding one of the shout outs today.

Dirtius Maximus (Brent) and Dirtius Wifius (Heather- who just announced she's pregnant) have a shirt up in the Woot Derby again this week. And this time Dirt is this close to making it into the coveted top 3 position! So, if you have a Woot account (and really, have I not talked this site up enough for you yet?), go vote for this shirt NOW!

And while there are other friends and family I could shout out to today, I'm tired, and I'm just going to shout out for my parents and their Taser business. $349 for your own personal security Taser. Legal and easy to buy. You can even host a "taser party" at your own house, and earn your own free Taser. Check it out at

My other beloved blog, has a new submission up today. (And could always use more.)

And I will remind the free world that my Due West boys are still giving away a free mp3 download of "Sweet Gravity" for a few more days. I REALLY want to break the 1,000 download mark before the end of this campaign! SO DOWNLOAD AWAY!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am the Wooting Sleepwalking Queen

My love for knows no bounds. This is a well documented fact. Earlier this week I got really excited to see a red blender on a regular woot, and had to buy it. Why? Because I have all red small appliances, and really wanted a red blender. Duh. On Wednesday at work we were discussing companies we all love and therefore want to do business with. I mentioned Woot, and then had to explain the beauty of the Woot. (They all love it too now.) I said at that time that my spidey sense was tingling and I felt a woot off coming. And sure enough, there was a HUGE one the very next day.
(if you are not yet familiar with the beauty of the woot, please visit their site now and figure it out.)
So of course, all excited about rebate checks and pay raises, I found myself gleefully participating in the woot off. I made 2 more fun purchases (both items I have wanted for a long time) before the excitement was over. But we're going to wait until Mr UPS Man in his hottie shorts shows up with my beloved woots before telling you much more.
But just let it be known, I do love a good woot off. It was a lot of fun. Especially since I had my co-workers in on it, and we were alerting each other to good deals all day.

In other news, who knows what happened last night, but maybe I was dreaming about a woot?
I think I must have done some sleepwalking again. I set 2 alarm clocks generally, and keep both of them out of reach (to force me to get out of bed). This morning my first alarm clock went off considerably earlier than usual. I turned it off and attempted to go back to sleep. But no luck. So I finally got up and that's when I realized I wasn't wearing my pajamas anymore. I found those on the floor by my door. (which means I must not have just kicked the pants off in my sleep, cause if I did that they would just be by my bed.)
I got up and got ready for work and quite some time later realized my second alarm hadn't gone off. I went over to investigate it, and it was completely turned off. That was also when I realized I had laid an outfit out on my bed. Not a good outfit. And not something appropriate for work, I might add.
But that was all.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Moving On Up!

Today was unexpectedly great. I was scheduled to have my 3 month review tomorrow (Friday), but instead we held it today at a moment's notice. I had no reason to be nervous, but since my last employee review at that company we do not name back in Maryland ended with me leaving the company 20 minutes later, I tend to be a bit wary over these things.

But no need to be wary today. In fact, it was cause for celebration! I got a promotion to Director of Marketing! (not too shabby for a girl who was told she sucked at marketing just a few months ago by a man who probably couldn't spell marketing if he had a dictionary open in front of him.)
I'm very excited, and I'm really enjoying the changes in the direction my company is making right now.

Thanks to my great co-workers Jess and Sara, and to Heidi who got me the job in the first place.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Love My Dallin Boy

My cute little nephew men have been busy visiting Nana and Papa in Virginia (they are on the odd year round school calendar. off track right now.) for the past 3 weeks. The grandparents may love their little boys but you sure can hear the exhaustion in their voices while they remember how to herd small children.
I should point out Natalie was with the boys as well. But as we all know, children don't really count when there are grandchildren present.
My dad called me this morning to relay another classic Dallin moment.
Papa had been telling the boys a bed-time story about when Papa and Uncle Dane were little boys. (It's a story I've heard often enough myself.) Uncle Dane was about 6 years old- Dallin's age- and some big boys dared him to roll down a hill in a tire. And if he would do it they would give him some money. As little boys are prone to do, Uncle Dane got in the tire, and very foolishly launched himself down the side of a hill, falling out of the tire, and breaking his arm. And naturally, the big boys ran away, failing to pay up.
Papa then said, "So what do you think happened next?" Papa clearly intending to offer a deep moral to the story.
Dallin replied, "He beat the crap out of them!"

One thing is for sure, broken arm or not, if Dallin had been there, he would have beat the crap out of them.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Foray into Online Dating

Why do I continue my ventures into online dating? I don't know. But I do. I'm currently using one of those online sites that matches you based on so-many-points-of-compatibility. Today I received this gem of a profile.

going on long walks thru natural settings hills, moutains, seaside or even in big city downtowns and looking at the architecture or other activities like ski, swim yoga or bike cooking or dinning out I enjoying making and eating dishes from around the world thai and indian curries I very much so enjoying a mexican mole sauce the richness and complexity of chocolate in that one so creative and chocolate bars I love trying chocaltes from all over the world my favorite so far is one from iceland called serrius I like studying about the mind/universe or God in all the forms religious and quantum physics

(and then regarding his favorite book)-
one of my favorite books tom robbins' Jitter Bug Perfum it is fun and an adventure that spans the globe and many centuries it is a well done mystical fairtale,that to my romantic mind which believes in the potential of immortality and miracles finds so enchanting it is a quest for immortality thru scents
All I can say is, they must be smoking one of those immortal scents if they think this guy is in anyway compatible with me. What these sites really need is a criteria where I can indicate that the ability to use punctuation and write complete sentences is a deal-breaker.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Things You Don't Want to See in the Mail

I rarely check my mail. I'm actually quite horrible about it. And after today's heart attack, I'm less likely to check it in the future. Why? Because I got these 2 envelopes in the mail today. (Also, my camera sucks at close ups. Sorry.) The top one says, "Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service." The bottom one says, "United States Office of Personnel Management, Federal Investigative Services Division." It also says below that, "Have a nice day," printed on by the Postal Service. Oh the irony.

Needless to say, seeing the words "IRS" and "Federal Investigative Services" in the mail together FREAKED.ME.OUT.

But in the end, all is well. The top one was just letting me know I should have received my IRS rebate by now (which I haven't- anyone know what to do about this dilemma? They are auto-depositing them in the bank accounts our tax refunds went to. But I've closed that account. Any idea who I contact or how to fix that problem?) And the bottom letter was actually just a background check on a friend I'm more than happy to vouch for.

But still- HEART ATTACK at the sight of the 2 letters together. PHEW!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday (Afternoon) Shout Outs

Time for the weekly Sunday Shout Outs to support my fabulous friends and family in their business and online ventures.

My parents are now selling Tasers. Yes, Tasers. This is a bona fide cottage industry sanctioned by Taser International themselves. So if you are in the need of a taser gun for personal protection, you can buy one from them at . My dad is even blogging on the subject right here.

Krispy is an aesthetician and, if she likes you, will let you pay her for services at her home.

Another week, another shirt woot derby for Brent. You can vote for him here. He really is a very talented artist.


May the Fourth Be With You!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Due West Free Music- Please Download!!

I know I have said it before, but I have to keep saying it again and again- I need people to go download Due West's "Sweet Gravity" for free. It is a GREAT song. (really, i'm not the only one saying so. the critics that have reviewed it have all given it very high marks.) So you can click RIGHT HERE and go to the download, (easier for you RSS feed readers), or you can click on "download" in the "widget" below.

Working Girl

Recently, I've been picking up work as a background extra on various projects. In the past month or so I've worked on 3 different m...

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