Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Foray into Online Dating

Why do I continue my ventures into online dating? I don't know. But I do. I'm currently using one of those online sites that matches you based on so-many-points-of-compatibility. Today I received this gem of a profile.

going on long walks thru natural settings hills, moutains, seaside or even in big city downtowns and looking at the architecture or other activities like ski, swim yoga or bike cooking or dinning out I enjoying making and eating dishes from around the world thai and indian curries I very much so enjoying a mexican mole sauce the richness and complexity of chocolate in that one so creative and chocolate bars I love trying chocaltes from all over the world my favorite so far is one from iceland called serrius I like studying about the mind/universe or God in all the forms religious and quantum physics

(and then regarding his favorite book)-
one of my favorite books tom robbins' Jitter Bug Perfum it is fun and an adventure that spans the globe and many centuries it is a well done mystical fairtale,that to my romantic mind which believes in the potential of immortality and miracles finds so enchanting it is a quest for immortality thru scents
All I can say is, they must be smoking one of those immortal scents if they think this guy is in anyway compatible with me. What these sites really need is a criteria where I can indicate that the ability to use punctuation and write complete sentences is a deal-breaker.


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  2. You've got to love the wacky science behind those "match up" sites... But hey, at least you got a guy! ;)

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  3. And the spammers come out, don't they.

  4. Is a match between two people going to lead to love. I have seen so many male and females that have very little in common and yet cupids arrow still hits. Many years later they still have differences and yet still are together. Could you really date yourself? . Sure most people prefer differences in not only gender

  5. I'm just trying to imagine a conversation with this guy.
    Seems to me flags would be involved to signal topic changes!

    I feel for you Erinannie - even if the spammers think that the lack common human abilities among social animals are mere differences.

    People - she's a writer! Men who disrespect not just puncuation but COMMAS ... are NOT a match!!!

    Even I found an engineer who can spell!

  6. commas and periods - I meant to say.


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