Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am the Wooting Sleepwalking Queen

My love for knows no bounds. This is a well documented fact. Earlier this week I got really excited to see a red blender on a regular woot, and had to buy it. Why? Because I have all red small appliances, and really wanted a red blender. Duh. On Wednesday at work we were discussing companies we all love and therefore want to do business with. I mentioned Woot, and then had to explain the beauty of the Woot. (They all love it too now.) I said at that time that my spidey sense was tingling and I felt a woot off coming. And sure enough, there was a HUGE one the very next day.
(if you are not yet familiar with the beauty of the woot, please visit their site now and figure it out.)
So of course, all excited about rebate checks and pay raises, I found myself gleefully participating in the woot off. I made 2 more fun purchases (both items I have wanted for a long time) before the excitement was over. But we're going to wait until Mr UPS Man in his hottie shorts shows up with my beloved woots before telling you much more.
But just let it be known, I do love a good woot off. It was a lot of fun. Especially since I had my co-workers in on it, and we were alerting each other to good deals all day.

In other news, who knows what happened last night, but maybe I was dreaming about a woot?
I think I must have done some sleepwalking again. I set 2 alarm clocks generally, and keep both of them out of reach (to force me to get out of bed). This morning my first alarm clock went off considerably earlier than usual. I turned it off and attempted to go back to sleep. But no luck. So I finally got up and that's when I realized I wasn't wearing my pajamas anymore. I found those on the floor by my door. (which means I must not have just kicked the pants off in my sleep, cause if I did that they would just be by my bed.)
I got up and got ready for work and quite some time later realized my second alarm hadn't gone off. I went over to investigate it, and it was completely turned off. That was also when I realized I had laid an outfit out on my bed. Not a good outfit. And not something appropriate for work, I might add.
But that was all.

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