Friday, May 16, 2008

I Can't Be Sure, But, I Think Something Cool Just Happened

I can't be sure. I really can't. But I just got home from a fun night out with the girls from work (more on that later), and turned on the radio. I was just putting around, doing whatever, and realized I was singing along to the radio. To one of my client's songs.
Why is this significant?
I've been working my butt off to get my client's song on the radio!!! But I'm so used to hearing the song over and over now, that even though I have been anxiously listening to the radio hoping to hear their song, I think it just came on and I didn't even realize it!!
But I can't be sure. Oh this is killing me!

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  1. That is soooo cool!! I'm sure it happened! I'll let you know if I hear it on the radio down here in Texas:)


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