Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Love My Dallin Boy

My cute little nephew men have been busy visiting Nana and Papa in Virginia (they are on the odd year round school calendar. off track right now.) for the past 3 weeks. The grandparents may love their little boys but you sure can hear the exhaustion in their voices while they remember how to herd small children.
I should point out Natalie was with the boys as well. But as we all know, children don't really count when there are grandchildren present.
My dad called me this morning to relay another classic Dallin moment.
Papa had been telling the boys a bed-time story about when Papa and Uncle Dane were little boys. (It's a story I've heard often enough myself.) Uncle Dane was about 6 years old- Dallin's age- and some big boys dared him to roll down a hill in a tire. And if he would do it they would give him some money. As little boys are prone to do, Uncle Dane got in the tire, and very foolishly launched himself down the side of a hill, falling out of the tire, and breaking his arm. And naturally, the big boys ran away, failing to pay up.
Papa then said, "So what do you think happened next?" Papa clearly intending to offer a deep moral to the story.
Dallin replied, "He beat the crap out of them!"

One thing is for sure, broken arm or not, if Dallin had been there, he would have beat the crap out of them.

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  1. Sisty Ugler9:42 AM

    He may be on the small side but he is scrappy!


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