Friday, May 23, 2008

Indy Meets National Treasure Meets the X-Files?

Tonight I got the rare chance to go to a private screening of Indiana Jones. A friend of a friend rented out an entire theater for a private screening. I think in the future I want to see all movies this way. The theater has a very fun energy and vibe to it when everyone is chatting beforehand and excited to see each other. JennC- thanks for inviting everyone. It was great!

Now, for the move itself. I had heard that some reviews were negative, but the only review I actually read myself said something like it is what it is, an Indy film. And that was exactly right. It had the classic Indy quips and one-liners, and all the classic lines that you wanted to hear, "I HATE snakes." (Truth be known, I, too, hate snakes, with more than just a little passion. I DESPISE and FEAR snakes. And this snake scene made me scream and cover my eyes. My friends laughed as much at me as at the scene I think.) They also threw in another classic line from a different George Lucas-Harrison Ford movie. But I won't spoil that for anyone else who will laugh as hard as I did when I heard it.

All in all, I was not disappointed at all. It was exactly what I was hoping for- unbelievable plot and consequences, crazy stunts, insane deaths, romance, humor, and more. My short synopsis? It's Indiana Jones meets National Treasure meets the X-Files. And as for Shia LeBeouf, I hope the rumors about him carrying on the Indy torch/whip are true. I think he's the perfect successor to the whip.

"Goodbye Doctor Jones."

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