Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Morning Shout Outs

Okay, this will be a quick Sunday Morning Shout Out. As usual, it's not Morning anymore, and I'm anxious to get to my Sunday Nap. But time is of the essence regarding one of the shout outs today.

Dirtius Maximus (Brent) and Dirtius Wifius (Heather- who just announced she's pregnant) have a shirt up in the Woot Derby again this week. And this time Dirt is this close to making it into the coveted top 3 position! So, if you have a Woot account (and really, have I not talked this site up enough for you yet?), go vote for this shirt NOW!

And while there are other friends and family I could shout out to today, I'm tired, and I'm just going to shout out for my parents and their Taser business. $349 for your own personal security Taser. Legal and easy to buy. You can even host a "taser party" at your own house, and earn your own free Taser. Check it out at

My other beloved blog, has a new submission up today. (And could always use more.)

And I will remind the free world that my Due West boys are still giving away a free mp3 download of "Sweet Gravity" for a few more days. I REALLY want to break the 1,000 download mark before the end of this campaign! SO DOWNLOAD AWAY!!!

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