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The writing bug or opening my soul?

I actually sat down and did some serious writing this weekend. The bug is back and I'm enjoying myself. I thought I'd try and spur myself into more writing by sharing what I have done, and look for a little feedback.
So here's a little passage from this weekend's efforts. The character is a confused and conflicted 30-something single woman talking to her long term boyfriend who has been gone on a long business trip. What do you think?

It's not that I hate you. It's not that you have done anything wrong. It's that while you are gone my insecurities creep in and I begin to doubt. I wonder where you are and who you are with. And suddenly, my insecurities turn into resentment and jealousy. I'm resenting you because you aren't with me. Jealous that you have a life beyond us. And before long my resentment becomes hate. And I think I hate you and you haven't done anything to deserve it, and don't even know what I am going through or what I am feeling…

Weekend Writing

Tonight it just HIT me. I miss writing for fun. I write all day, every day. It's all I do actually. I write. But tonight I just suddenly felt that bug again. I miss writing for me.

So I again offer this question out to the blogosphere. It's about the novel I've been working on forever now. I can't end it because I just can't decide if the book gets a commercial happy ever after PG ending? Or does it get the PG-13/R, painfully true and realistic ending?

Family, I know you're reading this. What happens when a good Mormon girl writes a biting and painful ending that won't ever be printed by Deseret Book? Does it bother her friends and family? Or do you accept that this was a painfully realistic book?

(the book has fun and light hearted moments, but it is more than anything a coming of age story.)

Also, what if there are 2 LDS characters? One is going to be a good Mormon girl. But the other one isn't perfect. Does that bother you to read about a less than Molly…

I Have 7 Highly Effective Habits

I just spent the last 2 days in very intense Covey leadership training. My brain is aching now. It's normally a 5 day class, but we did it in 2.
I went in with some very preconceived notions about what I was going to learn. And I was wrong about every last one of them.
So I am just curious- has anyone out there taken a Covey training class? What did you think? What I really want to know is if anyone has ever had a bad experience? As in they learned it all (read the book in full, or took a class), and didn't like it?

Happy Thoughts

Today was one long and crazy day. But a great one all the same. Rather than really recap, I thought I'd just share some of the better quotes and thoughts of the day.

1. Quadrant 4- this one requires a quick background story. I have a distinct memory from about 10 years ago involving a co-worker much more senior than I was at the time inviting me into his office to help him clean up. We swept the floor, tidied his desk, organized files, etc. He asked me if I had heard of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I said yes. He asked if I had heard of the 4 quadrants. I think I nodded in reply. He then said, "This is what I call a quadrant 4 day."
Ever since then I have taken it to mean that a Quadrant 4 day is a tidy up, prepare, and organize kind of day. And more than once in my professional career I have looked a boss in the eye and said, "I'm having a Quadrant 4 day, so I won't be doing the usual things." And to the best of my knowledge they have all smi…

Public Service Announcement

I got hit on today at church. That doesn't happen very often. But as with most things in my life these days, it was funny.

I was at the singles ward with my old DC roommate. We just sung the intermediate hymn. It was a good ten minutes after the song that suddenly the guy next to me passes me a note.
"You have a nice beautiful boice. Do you like to be in a choir?"
(spelling is his, not mine.)
I politely thanked him and waited till after church to speak to him. He shook my hand several times and said he would like to see me again.
He just forgot one little thing- to ask me for my name.

So this is my public service announcement for the day. Men, if you are interested in a girl, compliments will get you far. No question about it. But if you really want to see something happen, always ask for her name. Trust me on this one, cause if you don't ask her for it, she will remember that more than anything else at the end of the conversation.

Intentionally Left Vague, Just to Confuse You More

If there is one thing I learned back in Dec-Feb while I was so sick and going through hell this year, it was that just as you think there is no way things could get any worse, it was about to get a lot worse.
As a quick refresher for all your short attention span blog readers, just a few short months ago I came down with a mystery kidney stone condition, had to start job hunting, endure Christmas and traveling while ill, move while ill with only 3 weeks of notice, got the flu, was in a car accident, lived on Juli's couch, and started a new job. (Did I forget anything? Cause it's entirely possible that I did.)
It wasn't exactly the best of times, you know?
But there is one thing I learned to do- laugh. I've always been the type to start laughing when I'm nervous or scared. And I'm usually the first to see the humor or irony in a situation. (okay, except maybe when i had kidney stones, and the flu was making me puke my brains out. i've still yet to find the hum…

Give it 5 minutes, it will change

Back in the good old days when I lived in Florida, people used to joke that if you didn't like the weather you should just "give it 5 minutes, and it will change."
Lately, that could also be the best way to describe my life.
Last night Juli and I got into the rare deep conversation, full of analogies and metaphors that we are so good at. The big question came down to this screwy analogy.
I feel like I'm getting pretty good at walking through this tunnel. In fact, I'm pretty dang good at it. I like it, and I'm perfectly happy in here. Suddenly, just as my eyes are getting used to the dark, and I'm well adjusted, there are these flashes of light. Little flashes of unexpectedness that change life in the tunnel. You realize that things don't have to be the way they are. But then the flash of light is gone, and your eyes have to adjust to the light of the tunnel again. You never know when these flashes are going to happen. They just do. And it can be exciting…

Happy Father's Day-- Thanks Dad!

Dear Dad,
For Father's Day we got together and decided to show you all of the ways we are glad you are our father. This is far from a complete list of everything you have done for us. But we hope you enjoy the pictures and the memories with us!

Erin, Natalie, and Steph

Thanks for never being embarrassed to have fun with us.
Thanks for teaching us the chicken song. It comes in handy at dinner parties.

Thank you for always calling me your little princess.

Thank you for letting me think the cats were buried by I-66. Even though I don't know why that is a comforting thought.

Thank you for always reading with us. Even when you were tired.

Thanks for making our house the coolest in the neighborhood by being the first one with a "tramp."

(Sorry about the leg.)

Thanks for not noticing my hippie phase.

Thanks for providing me with music lessons.

Thank you for supporting us in Voices and all of our other choirs.

Thank you for putting me in sports.

Thank you so much for all of the great…