Sunday, June 01, 2008

Do I Look Like Carrie Underwood Now? No? Not so much?

Juli and I got new haircuts yesterday in celebration of her birthday. And the fun part? She let me pick her style! I brought pictures for Juli to consider, so she could say no. But she didn't override anything, and went with my suggestions. See, isn't she a great friend??

(We forgot to get before pictures of ourselves, but you know what we look like already.)

Here are the pictures I showed to the stylist for Juli.

And the pictures for me.

Now, at some point we had a brief discussion with the stylist, totally off-hand, about the perfections of Miss Carrie Underwood. She's a natural beauty, with incredible hair, and can sing pretty dang good too. That was the extent of it. And I think we briefly mentioned she dates hot guys as well. But that's it.

Here's a picture of Carrie.

And now here is what Juli and I looked like after.

Anyone get the feeling that she tried to give me Carrie Underwood hair? (not that that is a bad thing)

(I really do have a seriously lopsided smile. This picture is more proof than usual.)

Happy Birthday again Juli. I hope we can figure out how to recreate our new hairstyles without professional help!


  1. You guys look AWESOME. Hope Juli had a great b-day!! You're luck you get to live so close to your BFF

  2. I did, thanks! It was so fun having someone else make the decision for me about my hair. I always chicken out and do the safe thing.

  3. Great haircuts!! You look gorgeous!

    I like the lopsided smile.
    I took my friend's wedding pictures and didn't notice until I was going through them in photoshop - that she smiles sort of upside down. She shows more bottom teeth than upper teeth... sort of like the man in Wallace and Grommet. It's adorable!

  4. Sisty Ugler11:56 PM

    You are beautiful, Dawling. I like it a lot. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to change my hair...naa.

  5. I changed my hair about a week ago, too. I updated my Linkup pic with the new do, but I don't think it really gives the sense of just how drastic a change it was. I'll have to blog it.


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