Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Give it 5 minutes, it will change

Back in the good old days when I lived in Florida, people used to joke that if you didn't like the weather you should just "give it 5 minutes, and it will change."
Lately, that could also be the best way to describe my life.
Last night Juli and I got into the rare deep conversation, full of analogies and metaphors that we are so good at. The big question came down to this screwy analogy.
I feel like I'm getting pretty good at walking through this tunnel. In fact, I'm pretty dang good at it. I like it, and I'm perfectly happy in here. Suddenly, just as my eyes are getting used to the dark, and I'm well adjusted, there are these flashes of light. Little flashes of unexpectedness that change life in the tunnel. You realize that things don't have to be the way they are. But then the flash of light is gone, and your eyes have to adjust to the light of the tunnel again. You never know when these flashes are going to happen. They just do. And it can be exciting and fun. But then... it's just annoying. You can't plan on it. They never happen when you need them. And worse yet, it's harder and harder to adjust your eyes back to the tunnel after the flash.
I say I'd rather life forever never knowing the flash of light. I'm happy without it, and why ruin a perfectly good thing. Juli argues the opposite. She says you should live for the thrill of the flash of light, and keep moving hoping to always find another light.
What say you?


  1. That's a tough one.
    In my example... I thought I had found my love but after much waiting and frustration I'm learning to accept that I have to go back to the tunnel.
    But if dating again is anything like it was before Mr. Burns ... I plan to just ignore the light. It's not real.

    But... what kind of life would that be???!


  2. I say go for the light... head towards it and upgrade your tunnel to a bridge and instead of flashes of light, you will every once in a while get bad days and go through the familiar tunnel and realize the tunnel only last for so long and you will be out soon. :) Upgrade- move towards the light!


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