Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day-- Thanks Dad!

Dear Dad,

For Father's Day we got together and decided to show you all of the ways we are glad you are our father. This is far from a complete list of everything you have done for us. But we hope you enjoy the pictures and the memories with us!

Erin, Natalie, and Steph

Thanks for never being embarrassed to have fun with us.
Thanks for teaching us the chicken song. It comes in handy at dinner parties.

Thank you for always calling me your little princess.

Thank you for letting me think the cats were buried by I-66. Even though I don't know why that is a comforting thought.

Thank you for always reading with us. Even when you were tired.

Thanks for making our house the coolest in the neighborhood by being the first one with a "tramp."

(Sorry about the leg.)

Thanks for not noticing my hippie phase.

Thanks for providing me with music lessons.

Thank you for supporting us in Voices and all of our other choirs.

Thank you for putting me in sports.

Thank you so much for all of the great Christmases.

Thank you for paying for all the pretty dresses!

Thank you for paying for the car insurance. It's probably getting expensive!

Thank you for taking us to Disney World- twice! And for all the great family vacations. We had some great ones!

Thank you for all the trips to Kings Dominion. And for getting Mom to try one ride each year.

Thanks for the cute baby brother and sister. And thanks for keeping them once the novelty wore off.

Thank you for always loving our mom. And for giving her a big noisy kiss every day when you came home.

Thank you for all the nights you played the guitar and sang to us. And for teaching us every word to every oldies song ever.

Thanks for always posing for the funny pictures.

Thank you for supporting me in all my trips to Europe, even when they were bad ideas.

Thanks for trying to be interested in all of our crazy activities and new ideas.

Thanks you for letting us experience being treated like royalty in San Antonio.

Thanks for all the times you drove us to be with our cousins. And thanks for teaching us to love them and be friends with them.

Thank you for giving me a wedding and a honeymoon to Hawaii. And for sacrificing all your frequent flyer miles for us.

Thank you for letting me wear the blue cast to the wedding. - Steph

Thanks for taking us to fun dinners for our birthdays and other occasions.

Thank you for taking us to cool movie premieres.

I don't know anyone else who can say they have seen all 6 Star Wars films in the same theater. But I have! And I have seen them all with my dad! - Erin

Thanks for standing in line for HOURS so we could see this one on opening day at the coolest theater (hey- same place we saw all of the Star Wars too!)

Thanks for the horseback riding lessons.

Thanks for the horse.- Steph

Thanks for getting us through to graduation! Even when for some (ahem) of us it seemed impossible.

Thanks for supporting me through all of my schooling, major changes, career changes, and more.

Thank you for helping us do things we have always wanted!

Thank you for always sending us to EFY.

Thank you for being a good Papa.

Thank you for teaching us to be friends with each other.

Thank you for our special nicknames (and whistles). Thank you for everything, Dad. We love you! There just isn't enough room or pictures to show all of the things we are grateful for.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Great choice in music! Sounds like you have a wonderful father. Love him lots, he sounds like he treats you like a princess.

  2. Aw, that is the sweetest thing ever!

  3. Those were aweseome pictures of you all. It was fun to see those old ones of Natalie. :)


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