Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Thoughts

Today was one long and crazy day. But a great one all the same. Rather than really recap, I thought I'd just share some of the better quotes and thoughts of the day.

1. Quadrant 4- this one requires a quick background story. I have a distinct memory from about 10 years ago involving a co-worker much more senior than I was at the time inviting me into his office to help him clean up. We swept the floor, tidied his desk, organized files, etc. He asked me if I had heard of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I said yes. He asked if I had heard of the 4 quadrants. I think I nodded in reply. He then said, "This is what I call a quadrant 4 day."
Ever since then I have taken it to mean that a Quadrant 4 day is a tidy up, prepare, and organize kind of day. And more than once in my professional career I have looked a boss in the eye and said, "I'm having a Quadrant 4 day, so I won't be doing the usual things." And to the best of my knowledge they have all smiled and nodded at me in reply.
Today I took the 7 Habits course and discovered what "Quadrant 4" is really all about. It is the time waster and excess quadrant. The one you want to cut out of your life altogether. Which really does beg the question, how many times did I say that to a boss just for him to think in return that I was absolutely crazy??

2. Today I also found the answer to world peace. It comes in the tiny little bums of 4 and 5 years olds tumbling across a gym mat. I went to the dance recital for my little fairy god-daughter Andi, and enjoyed myself immensely. There really is nothing cuter in this world than little girls trying to all dance in a line.

3. My favorite quote of the day comes from my sister Natalie who said, "On the bright side, this trip to the E.R. is free for Tell because we've already reached his $1,000 deductible for the year." Tell was showing off his ninja moves while holding a brand new 7 inch kitchen knife tonight. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.

4. My last happy thought for the day- I'm wearing a brand new pink dress today, in size medium petite. And it has been a long stinking time since the last time I could fit into a medium petite!


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Problem is, that people who are deciding about the world peace are not going to the gym too often... How do we gonna get them there? Congrats on the pink dress. :) S.

  2. Quadrant 4 is not urgent and not important, right? But cleaning and organizing is important. Not always urgent, although there are times like when you can't find your keys or can't find the document you need to get notarized to authorize Social Services to do a background check on you to prove that you are not a child abuser or neglector so you can help out at your kid's preschool, where it is both urgent and important. I can see though, how sometimes it's not even that important (like taking the time to turn all your dollar bills so they face the same way--neither urgent nor important). But really, I think even highly effective people do have some Quadrant 4 time. Ya gotta have some "down time." Sometimes it's important to be able to do things that are not important.

    And yay for your new dress!!! That's awesome! Me, I'm wearing maternity clothes. Which sadly, I never really stopped wearing after Emma's birth, but now I really need them again.


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