Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Have 7 Highly Effective Habits

I just spent the last 2 days in very intense Covey leadership training. My brain is aching now. It's normally a 5 day class, but we did it in 2.
I went in with some very preconceived notions about what I was going to learn. And I was wrong about every last one of them.
So I am just curious- has anyone out there taken a Covey training class? What did you think? What I really want to know is if anyone has ever had a bad experience? As in they learned it all (read the book in full, or took a class), and didn't like it?

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  1. I worked for Franklin Covey for 7 years - mostly before Covey took over Franklin and messed up the great work vibe.

    I went to several trainings, purchased thousands of pieces of expensive paper, I have had around 50 different binders of various sizes but the Habits just never stuck with me.

    I guess I am just not much of a planner and my job does not require daily to do lists and written down time management.

    Oh well, I enjoyed working there and the family benefited from the discounts.


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