Saturday, June 21, 2008

Intentionally Left Vague, Just to Confuse You More

If there is one thing I learned back in Dec-Feb while I was so sick and going through hell this year, it was that just as you think there is no way things could get any worse, it was about to get a lot worse.
As a quick refresher for all your short attention span blog readers, just a few short months ago I came down with a mystery kidney stone condition, had to start job hunting, endure Christmas and traveling while ill, move while ill with only 3 weeks of notice, got the flu, was in a car accident, lived on Juli's couch, and started a new job. (Did I forget anything? Cause it's entirely possible that I did.)
It wasn't exactly the best of times, you know?
But there is one thing I learned to do- laugh. I've always been the type to start laughing when I'm nervous or scared. And I'm usually the first to see the humor or irony in a situation. (okay, except maybe when i had kidney stones, and the flu was making me puke my brains out. i've still yet to find the humor in that. actually no, i take that back. i do have one funny memory, of running into the bathroom to toss more cookies, and when i got there, andi (age 5) was sitting on the can sick as a dog herself. instead of being smart enough to redirect the contents of my stomach somewhere else, i picked andi up off the seat, and held her to the side while i unloaded what was left in my stomach. and then placed her back down on it. i now look back and realize that probably looked funny.)
So my point is, I laugh. When things just go from bad to horrifically worse, I laugh.
And today I laughed a lot.
The nutshell version.*
First, I was stupid enough to let a guy mess with my head last week. And that just got me off my game. And then, we had a big shake up at work that resulted in a lot more pressure being put on me. I went from having 1 direct report, and 4 clients, to suddenly having 5 direct reports, and 9 clients. And then another dumb guy thing happened that isn't all that significant, but it just caught me off guard that a guy "who is just a friend" to start with, would give me a freaking "friends talk." Um... did I want more than that?? NO. So sleep deprived and already stressed I entered this day. Just to find Mr Let's Be Friends suddenly acting all crazy and odd, and certainly not like he wants to be just friends. All week long I have been exhausted and sleep deprived. And when I get busy stressed, I forget to eat. So starving, exhausted, and stressed today at work, I suddenly found myself in the perfect storm of elements to set off a kidney stone spasm attack. It was absolutely the worst one I've had since December. It was not pleasant. But I handled it without major drugs, and for the most part without anyone else witnessing it. Just the way I like it! I got back to my desk to find the most unwelcome email I have ever seen- from probably the only guy in this world that I just can't seem to really get over. I haven't heard from him in nearly a year. And he picks today of all days to tell me I'm great and he misses me. And all about his new wife and how great she is too. GEE THANKS. So that is 3 different guy things messing with me at once. Which is pretty much more guy drama then I see in a whole year, all in one short week.
I really thought the day couldn't get more painful. But I was wrong. We still had one major drama to go. A co-worker resigned. And guess who gets to take the brunt of that? Oh yeah- ME! That would now be 7 direct reports, and 14 clients.
That is when I just started laughing, because I'm pretty sure God is laughing at me. It's really the only explanation left at this point.
So what do you do when you can't stop laughing? You go support your favorite "Little Sister" (my kid from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program) at her dance recital. And I am so excited to report that my Little was one of the absolute cutest up there, and made no mistakes. When she saw me arrive at the park, she ran all the way around the park to give me a hug. As did her younger sisters, who were also excited to see me. So there in the middle of my very All-American Single Career Woman Day, I got to be a part of the New All American Family for a few minutes- the Little herself, her siblings, her step siblings, her dad, step mom, Mom, grandparents, and me- tell me that kid isn't loved! (Somewhere in the back of my head a voice was saying, "Little has 4 mommies.") It was a nice break from Single Career Woman Day.
And then from all the hugs at the recital I went to Chez Palooza where my fairy god-daughters stocked me up on hugs and kisses for a few weeks. And Mrs. Palooza herself played the role of armchair therapist very diligently for me for several hours. Mr. Palooza also entertained us by attempting to shock us. It didn't work. But we were amused nonetheless.
I left Chez Palooza thinking all was right with the world (cause how could it not be after all those hugs and kisses?), I got on the freeway to make the simple, middle of the night, 25 minute drive home. But this is my crazy day, and you didn't really expect it to end that easy did you? Oh no. "They" had shut down the freeway, and sent me on a detour that only took 1.5 hours to get home.
Somewhere God is looking down on me, and having a really good laugh right now. And lucky for me, I'm laughing with him.

*Believe it or not, this really was the nutshell version.


  1. Good for you and laughing:) If I was there with you- I would laugh right along with you and then take some of your clients for you- and let you get some rest! Hope tomorrow brings only sunshiney things!

  2. Thank you Erinannie.

    And I apologize. That was me. On Saturday I made a comment that it would be nice if God tested someone else for a while. Considering the time zone difference - it quite clearly was you.

    No offense but I hope that means things will start going right for me now.

    Thank God we can laugh!

  3. TRS- thanks a lot! But at least now I know who to blame. And who to remember in a few upcoming prayers!


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