Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leave it to me

I went on a blind date last night. I'll wait till you pick your jaw up off the floor. Yes, me, Erin, I actually went on a blind date. I know how these things shock you. My date, hereafter to be known as The Guy, called me earlier in the afternoon and we set up a place and time to meet. I made the strategic decision to not save him to my phone book yet until after the date. I know a few other people with his name, and figured saving him in my phone prior to the date was just a hassle, given that I wasn't sure about his last name.
This decision becomes critical later.
With strangely little coaxing he convinces me to go all the way to freaking Provo to meet him, and then go up to Sundance for dinner. It is only because it was Sundance that I let a blind date convince me to drive that far on a blind first date.
I hit bad traffic and was running late. So I quickly pull out my phone, go to my most recent calls, and send a short text, "ETA 10 mins." I get no reply, which I thought was strange.
20 minutes later I pull up to his office. His name is clearly on the door, so feeling rather foolish, I attempted to open and go in. But it's locked. So I pull out my phone and call him. The conversation went exactly like this.
Male voice that answers: Hey, what's going on?
Me: I must not have been paying attention when you said where to go. So I'm here, but I don't know where to find you.
Male voice: We're sitting right inside, just come in.
Me: But the door is locked. I'm standing on the corner.
Male voice: I'll come out and look for you.
Pause, pause, pause
Male voice: I don't see you anywhere. Where are you?
Me: In front of the door! On the curb.
Male voice: Where? I'm looking and don't see anyone.
For the record, I'm standing in the middle of a fairly empty business complex parking lot. I should be VERY obvious.
Suddenly, my call waiting beeps in. I look down, and realize it is a Provo number. Uh oh.
Me: Um, someone's calling me. Gotta go.
Answer other line
Me: Hello?
Voice that sounds a lot more like The Guy: Hey, are you standing on the curb?
Me: (very meekly) Um, yes?
Voice that sounds a lot more like The Guy: Turn around, I'm on the steps across the street.
We hang up, and ta da, there he is!
Um... uh oh. Who was I on the phone with?? As I am still staring at my phone in confusion and The Guy is opening his car door for me my text message goes off-
Text: This is my confused face.
My reply: This is my sheepish embarrassed face when I have called the wrong number.
Text: That's f*ing hilarious. I'll stop looking for you now.
My reply: Let's pretend this never happened but mock me forever anyway.
Text: Word!

Still wondering who the heck I've just been talking to, it hits me- OUTgoing calls, INcoming calls. Oh crap. Who was the last person I called that wasn't in my phone book? Aw hell, that would have been a business call.
Sidenote- if you've ever received a text message from me you know that at the bottom of all my texts my name goes out automatically. So whoever it was I was talking to clearly knew who I was. A Very Big Oh Crap.
I figured out who it was pretty quickly. He's a nightclub owner that I booked a band at, and is thankfully a very funny and nice guy. If you are going to humiliate yourself that badly, he's the guy to do it in front of. And I have no doubt that he will mock me - to my face- for a very long time to come.

(The date then proceeded to be just as humorous and unexpected as the way it started. But that's not going to be discussed here anytime soon.)


  1. I hope that means it was good!

    Happy thoughts... happy thoughts.

  2. Wait! Does that mean it was a good date or a bad one?!

  3. Anonymous12:59 AM

    That is too funny!

  4. I've had more than one of these moments. But it's've got a story to tell, a lesson learned and you've entertained us all.



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