Monday, June 02, 2008

My Humble Home

Recently I got it into my head that I wanted to try gardening. But I live in a third floor apartment with no yard. So I had to get a little inventive with my first ever attempt at gardening. And not just any gardening. Container gardening on a third floor balcony.

Here are the fruits (seedlings) of my labors.

I planted tomatoes, green peppers, mint, and the great pumpkin. A pumpkin? No. THE GREAT PUMPKIN. Also, please notice my awesome party lanterns that live on my balcony. Sometimes at night I turn off the lights inside my apartment and just light my pink Christmas tree and balcony lanterns. And then dance naked. Or not.

I planted 3 pumpkin seeds in a dixie cup. Seriously- a dixie cup. I really didn't expect them to live. Much to my surprise, 2 of the 3 have sprouted, and have graduated to a bigger pot. When they get a little bigger, and the tomatoes and green peppers are bigger, I'll move them over to that pot. It should be interesting to see how big the vines can grow on my balcony.

Here we have some of the tomato sproutlings. Again, I planted about 15, expecting maybe 2 to live. Um, I have 10. I'm a little nervous. If the green peppers are going to make it they should show themselves in 3-4 more days.

This next picture is not balcony related, but is apartment and humbling related. As some of you know, I've been sleeping on an air mattress kindly loaned to me by a friend since I moved here. It's a really nice air mattress, and I've had no complaints about it. Until the day that it bucked me out of the bed. Since then it has been like sleeping with a big hard pillow next to me that I can't push away. And then over the weekend it bucked me again. It was not a happy day. Before the seam had burst between 2 ridges on the top of the mattress. Well, now the same 2 ridges have had the seams burst on the bottom of the mattress. The end result? See below.

The mattress is now so lopsided that it is slowly pushing me out of the bed all night. I was supposed to go pick up a real bed from Laurie over the weekend, but fate conspired against me. (Fraud on my bank account- AGAIN!) So needless to say just as soon as my bank account is functioning again, and I can round up 2-3 people to help me load a truck and haul to the top floor, I'm going to get that bed. Cause this just ain't happening anymore!

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