Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Shout Outs

I really enjoy doing these Sunday Shout Outs for my friends (and occasionally myself). Sometimes they may just be repeats from before, but its still fun. So today I am highlight blogs I love to read that I think need more attention.

While I do not by any means consider myself a homemaker, I still enjoy Laurie's site The Hip Homemaker. Check it out here!

Juli, my parents, Ali, several other people, and me, are all participating quite publicly in the Total Health Difference. The goal is not just to lose weight, but to gain optimal health as well. You can read everyone's health journeys right here. It takes a lot of guts to publicly post pictures of your weight loss! Go support them (and me).

My dad is a-blogging these days- about Tasers and home protection. You can visit his Personal Security Sales blog right here. Sidenote- my parents have also joined Facebook- so they can spy on my younger siblings.

Popular LDS author, Chr1s He1merd1nger, is blogging about his new movie and the LDS culture here. And yes, I have coded his name because I don't need people finding this blog when they should be finding his!

I believe a few of my old college roommates read this (at least 2-3 of you do) and may find this other old roommate's blog fun to catch up on. Her name is intentionally left out for privacy reasons.

You may have noticed the Twitter feeds on the side of my page here. I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Twittering. And it really is more interesting when you are reading your friend's Tweets, and not just random ones. So I'm just encouraging you to join Twitter and "flock" me.
Other Twitter friends I enjoy-

Oliver (friend from forever now and fellow blogger
Shabangsta is a riot
10 Downing Street is the real 10 Downing Street (and left me a message once!)
Diablo Cody is the writer and director of Juno. She is absolutely hilarious to read.
Sometimes it's me posing as them, and sometimes it is them, and it's much funnier when it is them, but Due West is a bunch of tweets.
That LDS author I mentioned above? He's also all a twitter. And for the most part, it really is him doing the typing (and not just me).
And Hodgman is "PC" from the Mac and PC commercials. Always a funny if not perplexing twit.

Any suggestions for other fun twitterers to follow??

I think we are good for a few days.

Just a thought, I get about 200 unique visitors a week to this blog. (which does frighten me a little). And I really do love to help my friends out. So if you ever need a shout out or a bump up in voting numbers, I'm happy to give you the shout out. Just let me know!

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