Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend Writing

Tonight it just HIT me. I miss writing for fun. I write all day, every day. It's all I do actually. I write. But tonight I just suddenly felt that bug again. I miss writing for me.

So I again offer this question out to the blogosphere. It's about the novel I've been working on forever now. I can't end it because I just can't decide if the book gets a commercial happy ever after PG ending? Or does it get the PG-13/R, painfully true and realistic ending?

Family, I know you're reading this. What happens when a good Mormon girl writes a biting and painful ending that won't ever be printed by Deseret Book? Does it bother her friends and family? Or do you accept that this was a painfully realistic book?

(the book has fun and light hearted moments, but it is more than anything a coming of age story.)

Also, what if there are 2 LDS characters? One is going to be a good Mormon girl. But the other one isn't perfect. Does that bother you to read about a less than Molly perfect Mormon girl?

My feeling is that it is well written with a painfully real look at life. It has the highs and lows of what it is like to be LDS and single. I don't want to write it if it isn't true and accurate, and that means showing the flaws. But how many people will be bothered if one of the Mormon girls sleeps with her boyfriend?


  1. Real and raw, baby. :) Real and raw.

  2. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Go for the painfully realistic option. My biggest issue with Mormon lit is that it glosses over the "real life" stuff.

  3. I've already voted for the happily ever after, and my vote still swings that way. I think it's possible to achieve an ending that is real but still offers hope to your main characters. You can find a way to make your characters happy without resorting to the Deseret ending.


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